Loch Lubnaigh

Today’s guest picture comes from my son Tony who must be paying a visit to the Trossachs as he has sent this charming picture of Loch Lubnaig.

Loch LubnaighAfter some beautifully sunny days, the weather was much mores subdued today.  It started misty and ended dull and grey with only the briefest lighter moment between.

I started with a visit to the producer’s market at the Buccleuch Centre where I stocked up on meat, fish, honey and cheese and then got home in time to entertain Dropscone to a cup of coffee or two.

He arrived with a good sized pile of drop scones and explained that he had found that he had a milk surplus at home which accounted for the drop scone mountain.  We managed to render the mountain invisible without too much difficulty and he went on his way with some apples in return.

The chilly weather hadn’t put off the bees, though there weren’t nearly as many today as there had been in the sunshine, but it had encouraged birds to get a good feed…..

chaffinch…in such numbers that I not only refilled the current feeder but put out another one as well.  It got very busy immediately.

feeder queuefeeder queueI was thinking about going out for a cycle ride in the afternoon but a certain lethargy and the dull weather tempted me into watching the World Cup rugby on the telly instead.  The first match, Japan vs Samoa was a great treat as Japan’s only intention seems to be to play rugby as it ought to be played.  The second match, Scotland vs South Africa made me wish that I had gone cycling as South Africa controlled the match from start to finish and Scotland played without inspiration and lost.

My mood was as subdued as the weather.  I wasn’t made much more cheerful by a phone call telling me that my bid to become conductor of the Brampton Community Choir had fallen on stony ground and failed.  To tell you the truth, I wasn’t as gloomy about this as I might have been, as the choir meets on the same night as our Langholm Choir which I would have had to give up.  I think, having met the Brampton committee and the choir, I might have found the post quite stressful. and since the Langholm choir has acquired a very competent conductor, I will happily continue to sing with them.

A passing butterfly brightened my day a bit….

I caught this one in the rare sunny moment

…and I cheered myself up a bit more by sieving some excellent quality compost.

I looked at the flowers while the day was bright.

The reliable poppies were there
Lilian Austin
Lilian Austin was smiling
Japanese anemones
And the Japanese anemones were celebrating a fine rugby win.

I have purchased a new feeder pole and my plan is to move it round the middle lawn during the autumn and winter months so that the lawn beneath it will get regularly fertilized by visiting birds.  It is a bit exposed for small birds but, after keeping a watching brief for a while…

starlings…the starlings soon tried it out.

starlings at new feederMore and more arrived….

starlings….and more and more and more…..

Those little red pellets are a great draw.

Larger birds arrived incognito.

jackdawSo the day wasn’t entirely without incident.

The flying bird of the day turned out to be a jackdaw when the incognito was revealed.


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36 thoughts on “Subdued

  1. Commis…..tulations on not getting the Brampton conducting job.
    Haven’t seen a starling here for a couple of months, but expect the influx in a few weeks’ time.

  2. I am pleased you have found consolation from not getting the conducting post. The flock of starlings and the jackdaw photos are good as is Lilian Austin.

  3. Sorry that you didn’t get the position as conductor of the Brampton Community Choir, although I’m not sure where you would have found the time to take on that much work.

    You’ve posted a number of excellent photos of both poppies and the Lilian Austin rose, but the ones from today are even better! You got the light as near to perfect as possible for the Lilian Austin.

  4. Lovely picture of Loch Lubnaig.
    Great dramas among the bird populations at the feeders.
    Glad the choir decision was not too disappointing and you will be able to continue with the Langholm choir, with its new conductor.

  5. The local birds must find a real haven in your garden which gives us a really interesting selection of photographs to look at, thank you. Glad you are philosophic about the Brampton choir.

  6. Now that looks like a starling invasion! I also liked the mysterious incognito bird shot. I have to agree with Jerry about the light on the Lilian Austin shot. “Smiling” is an apt description for it. The poppies are so lovely and vibrant as always. I’m glad you haven’t been neglecting your sieving duties. I would have happily helped you demolish the drop scone mountain. 🙂

  7. I laughed so much at the large bird arriving to the feeder incognito. Happy your mood was lifted by the butterflies, birds and the reliable poppies.

  8. Sorry your interview was in vain but it sounds like you were better off not getting the job. That pink bird food is bright. I’ve never seen anything like it before.

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