Staying at home


Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my brother-in-law Mike and shows his granddaughter Lara putting in the last pieces of an enormous jigsaw puzzle.

LaraMrs Tootlepedal went off to Edinburgh to see our granddaughter Matilda today but I stayed at home.  As soon as she had left to catch the train at Lockerbie, I went back upstairs to catch some extra zeds as I was feeling rather tired.

Refreshed by my snooze, I came downstairs and saw some feathered friends hanging around in hope.

jackdaw and starlingThere was nothing in the lawn feeder.

starlingI quickly put some of the famous pink pellets out and stood back to watch the fun.

starlings queuing upThe starlings put on a neat demonstration of whirling through the air.

starlings flyingI left them to their antics and retired indoors to prepare a practice version for another of our Carlisle choir songs.  It takes me a bit of time, not being a pianist myself, but I enjoy it and it is just the thing for when I want a quiet day.

After lunch, I had time to look out of the window….

A very grumpy looking goldfinch
collared dove
The first visit for some time of some collared doves

…and a quick walk round the garden…

pretty in pink
Pretty in pink
Icelandic poppy
In my pursuit of Shirley poppies I have been neglecting the Icelandic poppy.  The stay in flower for months on end.

…before a fellow member of our Langholm choir came round to put a bit of much needed practice in.  Our new musical director may think that we are better than we actually are so we felt that a bit of homework would not go amiss.   We will see whether our work was any use at the choir meeting tomorrow.

It was a cool, dry day and it seemed a pity to spend the whole day inside so after Eric had gone, I went off for a walk.

I headed for the Kilngreen, home of many sitting ducks….

ducks…swooping gulls….

gull…and of course, Mr Grumpy.

heronMy walk then took me over the Ewes Water and onto a track which runs along the top of the banking above the river.

It is an path that I rarely use but it provided me with pictures of an excellent gate…

gate….some luscious looking berries…

berries…and some improbably green moments.

pathhead trackThe track ends above the A7 as it leaves the town to the north.

A7Across the valley, I could see a single tree shining our among the conifers.

Ewes valleyAnd below me, the High Mill Brig which I would cross on my way home.

High Mill BrigThe brig is a handsome single span construction.

High Mill BrigMy walk home along the road was uneventful and I had time to do a little more work on the computer and make a risotto for my tea before Mrs Tootlepedal got home.  She was excited because she had seen an enormous flock of migrating geese grazing at Carstairs from the window of her train.

Instead of going to Carlisle in the evening to play recorders, Roy and Susan came to Wauchope Cottage and we were joined by Sue, an ex member of the group for an evening of quartets.  We played a varied selection from J S Bach to Whistling Rufus and enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Over a cup of tea after playing, Sue told us of her adventures in buying and fitting out a container as a garden room.  The container is being delivered this week and the whole thing sounds very interesting.  I am hoping that she will send me a picture or two as the project develops.

The flying bird of the day is a black headed gull.

flying gull

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27 thoughts on “Staying at home

  1. Beautiful pictures. I love the gate and your poppies (as always). I think your red berries may be cranberry viburnum (Viburnum opulus) though I’m really only familiar with it’s American cousin.

  2. Your first gull picture made me think of the Vulcan currently making its last flights, seen on the news yesterday. Both beautiful and very elegant.

  3. It was nice to see Mr. Grumpy again after a long absence, along with the rest of the birds from the Kilngreen.

    I also liked the views of the Ewes Water and the High Mill Brig.

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