Falling leaves

Today’s guest picture comes from the son of my friend Sue and shows the very impressive container (used only once on the trip from Hong Kong) which Sue has had craned into her garden.  She will transmogrify it into a garden room and office.

Sue's container We have been blessed with an unexpected rise in temperatures and we were back into double figures by breakfast today.  Sadly, it didn’t come supplied with additional sunshine so a great deal of fine autumn colour went unrecorded (to sighs of relief from happy readers).

Mrs Tootlepedal went off to Edinburgh for her weekly visit to Matilda and I did a little tidying up and a crossword until Sandy arrived for coffee.  He tells me that he too has bought a coffee grinder.  Soon you won’t be able to hear yourself think in Langholm because of the roar of coffee grinders all over the town.

After coffee, I had a walk round the garden….

potentilla and poppy
A new potentilla and the welcome sight of a poppy perking up.

…and put out some pellets on the lawn feeder.  The starlings were there in force almost immediately and I put the following picture in, despite its poor quality, just to show that the pink pellets are still the pellet of choice among discerning avians.

starlingsOther starlings looked on with amazement at the goings on below.

starlingsThen I got the bike out and went off for a pedal.  I was intending to do exactly the same double trip as yesterday and go twice to the top of Callister but when I got back to the town, the prospect of a fourth trip up the hill in two days seemed uninviting so I continued through the town and out in the opposite direction.

Not being in any hurry, I stopped for a photo or two.

larches at High Mill Brig
The larches at the High Mill Brig caught my eye
And I could hardly miss these bright trees screening the cottage at Sorbie.

The new direction meant that I finished my twenty mile outing with a relaxed spin down hill and down wind back into the town.

Although I didn’t realise it while I was pedalling, this ride took me to exactly 400 miles for the month and as the weather ahead looks a bit variable to say the least, it was comforting to reach this target with a few days in hand.

After lunch I had another wander round the garden and took some shots of foliage colour now that many of the flowers are over.

garden colourSome flowers have not gone yet though.

My mobile phone doing a great job of a low light close up with a flash.

I sawed another couple of logs from the apple tree and sieved some compost as well.  Mrs Tootlepedal’s garden tidying work has filled Bin A to the brim so there will need to be shifting and turning in the near future.

She has made a very neat job of packaging the kindling cut for the apple tree twigs.

Drying in the greenhouse.

Later in the day, Sandy arrived back from a trip to Carlisle and we went for a walk.  The light was fading fast but I took a camera anyway.  We kept an eye out for fungus but there was surprisingly little to be seen.

fungusfungusThe autumn colour may not be with us for much longer as we were trampling through fallen leaves for much of our walk…

Beechy Plains…though as you can see, there are still a lot of leaves left to fall.

We met a handsome dog on our way round Gaskell’s Walk…

dog…and saw any amount of colourful leaves as we went along.

autumn leavesThe whole day had been very mild and it was pleasant to be able to walk without a coat so late in the day and so late in October.  My final shot was of a very calm Pool Corner just before we got home.

Pool CornerIn the evening, Susan kindly drove me to Carlisle for our regular recorder group meeting and we had an enjoyable time playing quartets as our fifth member is currently in Spain.

It wasn’t a great day for catching flying birds.

flying chaffinch

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31 thoughts on “Falling leaves

  1. Beautiful foliage everywhere you went! I liked to see that poppy lifting up its head! Hanging onto summer for a while longer.

  2. That nasturtium is different than any I’ve seen.
    The path between the trees is another inviting one and the reflections at pool corner were worth the walk.
    In hurricane prone areas here they put 4 of those containers together and turn them into a weather proof house.

  3. Could you please bottle some of your energy and throw the bottle in the Atlantic? Then I could walk up and down the New England coast watching for it … that is probably the most efficient way for me to find a percentage of your wherewithal. Good on you … 400 miles this month, along with everything else!!

    1. I don’t want to sound selfish but I need all the energy that I can find for myself. It turns out to be easier to write an active day up than to live it and there are many moments of unrecorded groaning and lying down.

    1. I like the larches in autumn and they will get harder to find as they have cut down lots of them this year in an attempt to stop a larch disease spreading.

  4. Sorry, I’m drawing a blank today as to what to say, even though the photos are very good, particularly the flower that you shot with your phone, and the image of the pool corner.

    1. It is not compulsory to make a comment though it is always appreciated when you do. I realise that it must be quite difficult to say something original when faced with an endless parade of the same sort of pictures day after day.

  5. A splendid array of autumn colours. Glad you had a warmish day.
    That mobile phone flower close-up is very impressive.

  6. The larches are so vibrant. They should be called sunshine trees at this time of year. How beautiful! The starlings sitting on the line are very orderly looking. I often marvel at how birds have a certain personal space distance when they are perched. Well done on the 400 miles and I’m glad you had some warmer weather. Two of my family members enjoy freshly hand grinding their coffee before drinking a cuppa. If they get up very early in the morning it can elicit a few groans from others as it is a small house… 😉

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