Washed out


Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Mrs Tootlepedal and shows Matilda honing her literary skills in Edinburgh yesterday.

MatildaThe picture of Matilda was by far the brightest feature of the day.  It was raining steadily when we got up and it rained for  most of the rest of the hours of daylight.  The light was terrible and I only took two photographs all day.

GoldfinchThe goldfinch looked remarkably unruffled by the rain though.

I used the wet weather as an excuse for a very quiet day and did two crosswords and put a week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database  slowly enough to fill the entire morning.

In the afternoon, I plugged away at preparing a practice file for one of our Carlisle Choir songs and it became apparent when I tried to sing the tenor part, that I will need a good deal of practice if we are going to sing it in a concert so it was time well spent.

I was going to make another set of Chelsea buns in the hope of producing a more presentable product than last time but Mrs Tootlepedal suggested that I should try for a tea cake instead.  I tried.  This turned out to be a mistake and the results were even less presentable than the Chelsea buns and not quite so tasty.

They weren’t too bad though as they all seem to have disappeared.

In the evening, the rain had stopped and we went off to sing with our Langholm choir and it became obvious that I need to practice some  songs there which I thought that I had mastered.

There is hope of some better weather later tomorrow but it would have to try hard to be worse than today.  On the plus side, it has been pleasantly warm for the time of year so I suppose we should be grateful for that.

The flying bird of the day picture is as bad as the weather was when I took it.

flying chaffinch

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

25 thoughts on “Washed out

    1. I had to look back through my picture files today and I see that my solution to bad weather is to post rotten pictures. I was embarrassed to see just how bad some of them are. (Some of the ones in good weather are a bit indifferent too.)

  1. Matilda is the bright star of the day! Great that she’s already such an avid reader. It was a miracle you got any pictures at all, the goldfinch looks good in its raincoat.

  2. We had rain all last night and until just after midday today so everything is very soggy. I’m sorry your baking hasn’t gone as well as you’d have liked but, as Musiewild says, it’s the taste that counts. Good photo of the goldfinch in the rain – and isn’t Matilda growing up fast?!

  3. Sorry about your miserable day. It was much the same here, with rain, a few snowflakes, wind – but no Matilda to entertain!

  4. Very nice picture of Matilda enjoyng a book and looking very studious.
    Hope you get sunshine again soon!

  5. Matilda looks delightful there. How lovely to see her enjoying a book. Sadly there are children in Australia who see their first book only when they start kindergarten. It’s hard to believe. Books were such a normal part of my early childhood. I hope tomorrow is less miserable. The tea cake must have been ok if it disappeared. Just the thought is making me peckish. 🙂

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