A breath of fresh air


Today’s guest picture comes from my sister Susan, who has been kind enough to send me this massive but hungry looking  figure which is currently hanging around at the British Museum.

skeletonWe woke to another grey and wet morning but we weren’t downhearted because Dropscone was due to come round with treacle scones and the forecast was for an end to the rain well before lunch.

Both of these happy events came to pass.

I even got to see a short  video of Dropscone practising his golf swing under the eye of his golf professional.  What a great start to the day.

After coffee, I took a stroll round the garden.  It is getting very near the end of its flowery life but there are still bits and bobs about.

The chives are still brightening up the vegetable plots.
The orange crocosmia is very durable and I was surprised to see a honeysuckle blossom
The yellow crocosmia arrived late and is staying late
clematis and nerine
There are a few clematis flowers and a lot of nerines.

But the prettiest thing in the garden today was this Charles Ross apple….

Charles Ross…and some of them went down very well in the evening when stewed and taken with custard.  The cool summer and the relatively good autumn have left the apples tasting as good as they have ever done this year.

While Mrs Tootlepedal busied herself with some apple branch sawing, I made some potato soup for lunch.  She was frequently visited by a robin while she worked but my only glimpse of one when I had a camera in my hand, was this one out of the dining room window later on.

robinI saw several jackdaws when I put out some pellets…

jackdaw…but sadly the best one flew past a telegraph pole just as I snapped it so I couldn’t use it as flying bird of the day.  The chaffinches were in a kinder mood…

flying chaffinchflying chaffinch…though I did catch one making off with a pink pellet that should have been reserved for blue and coal tits.

chaffinchAs well as all the flying birds, there were some standing around too.

dunnock and blackbird
A dunnock and blackbird, frequently seen in the garden but not feeder users.

After lunch, while Mrs Tootlepedal did more tidying and bulb planting, I went off for a pedal.

Because I don’t like taking medicine if I don’t have to, I have been experimenting with cutting down on my asthma puffers over recent days but after feeling rather gloomy yesterday and very cold and tired while I was pedalling, I returned to the full dose today with very beneficial results.  I was much cheerier all day, I was much warmer when I went out for my bike ride and I went quite a bit more quickly too.  “Keep taking the tablets,” as they say.

I even had the energy to stop and take a picture or two of the larches along the Wauchope road which are probably at their autumn best.  A little sunshine would have helped but they looked good anyway in my view.

Pool CornerlarchesApart from the larches, it was a bit gloomy and wisps of cloud were still sitting on the tops of the hills.

CleuchfootWhen I got back, we had a visit from Mike Tinker who came to tell us that his wife Alison was a bit poorly and so wouldn’t be coming to play duets in the evening.  This was a disappointment as they have been on holiday and I was looking forward to a tootle on their return.

It did give me some time to practice some choir music so there was an upside.

The flying bird of the day is a blue tit who was legally carrying off a pellet from the new feeder.

flying blue tit

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29 thoughts on “A breath of fresh air

  1. The larches are a gorgeous colour as is the Charles Ross apple. It’s always good to try to reduce medication if possible but it’s also good to know that the medication is working and doing a good job.

  2. Autumn looks lovely there, even with clouds and rain. We are getting some wind and rain here today, much needed.

    I’ll have to see whether our scone vendor can make treacle scones so I can know what they taste like. Only four outdoor markets left this season before closing until April. We have a long growing season here and a good number of vendors, but the last month tends to be chilly and damp.

  3. Your post is crammed with all the best of autumn with the larches and that wonderful apple.The FBotD is fantastic. The need to take regular medicine is (groan) a bitter pill, but it certainly brightened your day.

    1. I was just a bit optimistic about the puffers. It is very damp at the moment which doesn’t help. I really should go and live somewhere warm and dry but there isn’t anywhere like that in Scotland.

  4. I sympathise about the medication issues. I’m someone who prefers not to take medication unless I really have to. It seems as though you needed the benefit of the asthma medication though. I also get asthma but not so much wheezing and coughing. It’s more extreme tiredness. Your larches are glorious and how lovely to have apples growing in your own yard. I’m sure my possums would love them. I will miss your bright garden flowers over winter but at least we will still have your excellent bird shots to enjoy.

  5. I am just getting back in touch with blogging after a prolonged internet glitch – sorry about your asthma but you are so amazingly resilient it takes my breath away (bad pun). You continue to amaze me with your attention to the tiny-and-large details of the everyday. I was at nursing home this afternoon for 4 hours and I/we could not wake Anthony up. I am a bit scared now that these TIAs are going to kill him and maybe I won’t be ready to accept it. Anyway, thanks for your wonderful kindness and I do worry about you too, Tom! Take it easy xxx

    1. It must be very worrying for you. Even if something is coming, it doesn’t make it any better when it comes. I hope that you can keep on coping as wonderfully as you have so far. Our thoughts are always with you.

  6. I had to stop reading this yesterday as I was called away by work but on the way home I thought to myself that you were often making me hungry with your food descriptions. The apple is absolutely gorgeous. The chaffinch with the seed too. Birds are always hungry. Cold weather brings out the beast in me. 🙂

  7. That apple looks gorgeous, and very artistic with the drops of water. Oh, I see I am a bit repetitive!

  8. Great birds photos and how nice there are still some flowers in the garden. I really like the British Museum figure as well. It sets the mood 😉

  9. A very fitting guest photo for Halloween. It’s nice to see a little color from the flowers left, it seems to early for them to be gone.

    I see that the FBOD chose a pellet other than pink for a change, and you’ll have to train the jackdaws to avoid the telephone poles in the future.

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