A well chosen moment

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone and shows his fine looking grandson Leo, who was visiting last weekend.


The letters WWW may have a common meaning in today’s wired up world but to us in Langholm they stand for Warm, Wet and Windy and we had another WWW day today.

The morning was so well supplied with the wet and windy elements that I spent it wandering about the house, kicking the furniture and exclaiming, “I’m bored.”

Mrs Tootlepedal was fully occupied with bathroom tile removal so she rightly had little sympathy.

I did look out of the window from time to time.

You may think that the male chaffinch was getting ready to sing a love song to the lady below….
…but in fact, he was just thinking of some choice abuse to hurl at her.

There were other birds hanging about too.

siskin and great tit

I made some soup for lunch and an earnest perusal of the forecast made me believe that there might be a gap in the rain straight after lunch.  I made up my mind to go for a walk and while my confidence was slightly dented by a humungously heavy shower of rain as soon as I had made up my mind, I nevertheless put on my great big waterproof boots, coat and trousers and when the rain stopped, went out for my walk.

I chose a two and a bit mile walk up the Hallpath to the Roundhouse and back by Murtholm and along the river.

It didn’t rain but the gloom was Stygian and taking pictures was hard work.  The occasional berry made up for the lack of flowers…


…and there was always the merry gurgle of a stream to keep me company.

wet path
This one was running down a path off the hill.
Stream at Skippers
And this one was running off the hill and onto the road at Skippers

There wasn’t much of view to be had….

Langholm from Round House

…even though there was an occasional hint of blue in the sky.

I have been neglecting the abundant moss that covers anything that doesn’t move round here….

Mossy log
There is a tree stump under there if you look closely.

…and I keep meaning to take a set of pictures to show the great variety of mosses that we have.

I took a few pictures of Skippers Bridge but none that deserved readers’ attention and crossed the bridge and took the track home along the river.


We have a great many puddles at the moment and a couple on the fields past the farmhouse gave me the chance to be reflective.  Black clouds behind me.

Murtholm puddle

A hint of blue skies ahead.

Murtholm puddle

My pace quickened though as the the black clouds from behind overtook the blue sky ahead and only a pretty leaf lying on the path….

fallen leaf

…and a final gurgling stream…


…made me stop for long enough to get my camera out.

When I got home, Mrs Tootlepedal was just taking the final tiles off the floor so I turned my attention to making some Chelsea buns.  My last effort had produced tasty but inelegant results.  This lot looked a little (but not much) better….

chelsea bun

…but they were still quite tasty and have been put under lock and key to ensure that there are a few left for tomorrow.

While they were cooling, we went off to a choir practice for Langholm Sings.  We had to work jolly hard as the musical director rattled through the songs at a crisp pace while we struggled along behind her.  We were pleased to be able to refresh ourselves with two scones each and a nice cup of cocoa when we got home.

We are nearing the end of our spell of WWW weather so I was glad to have found the right moment for a walk today.  It will be hats, mufflers and gloves by the weekend.

I found a very gloomy flying bird of the day.

flying chaffinch

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27 thoughts on “A well chosen moment

  1. I love all your photographs Mr T but I have to admit that your studies of Matilda are my favourites because she is gorgeous. And now I have to add Leo to my list. What a handsome fellow. Does he get his good looks from Dropscone?

  2. Those are excellent shots of the streams / waterfalls. I’ve learned from experience that long narrow streams of water aren’t simple subjects.
    The colorful leaf certainly was. It looks like a chestnut or other type of nut tree.

    1. The leaf is from a horse chestnut. I was pleased to get a half decent shot of the streams. The weather has to be gloomy to get enough water going down them.

  3. Those Chelsea buns look scrumptious! I am on a diet at the moment and staring at photos of cakes and buns is a painful pleasure. I enjoyed revisiting A. A. Milne and the photos of the water running down paths and those of the puddle reflections are my favourites.

  4. There would be no Chelsea buns left if I were to visit! You got very nice WWW pictures of the streams, birds and berries.

  5. Those Chelsea buns looks delicious. I can understand why you and Mrs T demolished them so quickly the last time. I hope you don’t have a bun hangover again. I’ve tried locking away things like that from myself to no avail! 🙂 I loved the shots of puddle reflections. To me it’s like looking into another world really. I remember as a child imagining jumping into the other world inside a puddle. The single leaf picture has gorgeous colours. Excellent. It’s interesting that you have moss covering most surfaces there as I only see that much when I walk in a rainforest. It’s always pretty special to me.

    1. We may not have the forest but we certainly have the rain! We managed to get control of the buns this time thank goodness. There is even one left as I write this.

  6. The berries and the pretty leaves added a bit of color to an otherwise dreary day, but it takes such days to produce the small streams cascading down the hills, and I could almost hear their gurgling from viewing your photos!

    It’s not really fair of you to show photos of such scrumptious food as the Chelsea buns when so many of us are trying to lose weight. 😉

  7. Very handsome picture of Leo.
    Well done for getting out for a walk despite WWW.
    The buns look extremely tasty.

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