Not quite so well timed

After yet another rather grey day, I have gone back to sunnier times for today’s guest picture.  It is from my sister Mary’s visits to Regents Park in London.

Regent's Park

It was noticeably colder today and this trend is set to continue as our weather will come from the north rather than the south in the next few days.  The uninviting conditions made me happy to accept the offer from Dropscone of scones to go with our morning coffee rather than get wrapped up for a chilly pedal.

I put out some pellets for the jackdaws while I was waiting.

The jackdaw on the left is saying, “I’m not really here,” but the jackdaw on the right doesn’t entirely believe this.

It was drizzling lightly when the scone bearer arrived but by the time that he left, it had cleared up and he went off to play golf in a hopeful frame of mind.

I looked out of the window.

I am keeping an eye on the goldfinch visitors.

The chaffinches were as busy as ever.


And we had two less frequent visitors as well.

collared dove
A collared dove. They have been dining elsewhere of late.
tree sparrow
A very occasional visitor. This is a tree sparrow.

The forecast was for occasional showers after lunch so I trusted to luck and set off for a walk, hoping to find a gap between the rainy occasions.

It started well.  I took a familiar route round the Castleholm because the combination of road and well maintained paths meant that great big waterproof boots would not be necessary.  I  kept up a brisk pace in the effort to use up a few calories.  I did have Pocketcam though with me so I stopped from time to time.

I was hoping to see the oyster mushrooms but someone had been out with a chainsaw at their tree stump and I had to make do with this instead.

felled tree
Perhaps the colouration in the centre of the trunk shows why this tree fell down.

The recent strong winds have had their effect and further up the lodge walk, the chain sawyer had been at work on a newly fallen tree.

fallen tree
The freshly sawn ends were surprisingly colourful.

The weather remained dry so when I got to the Lodge, I decided to extend my walk round the pheasant hatchery but the low road presented a problem for a man without great big waterproof boots….

pheasant hatchery

….so I took the high road.

I took a little diversion and  walked down to the river at the furthest point of my journey and there I saw a single fungus peeping over the top of a hollow tree stump.  A look round the back revealed that it had a lot of friends inside…..


…and round the base of the stump too.


I though that this frilly clump won the prize for elegance.


The river was gently full.


I resumed my circuit and noticed more fungus beside the path.

Some fresh and some old.

I met a neighbour out walking a dog and he commented on the calmness of the afternoon and and within minutes, Murphy’s Law had sprung into action as the temperature dropped, a vigorous and gusty wind appeared from nowhere and it started to rain.

There was more evidence of strong winds to be seen….

fallen branch

…as I scurried along but tucked into the shelter of two big oak trees there was a hardy survivor of the blast.

autumn leaves

I tucked Pocketcam into the shelter of my pocket as the rain continued to fall and made good speed home.

Rather annoyingly, the rain stopped as I got within 200 yards of the house but it gave me the opportunity to see the garden as passers by see it.  At this time of year, it is a green place.


Although it was not very late, the light had gone and after a cup of tea and the last of the Chelsea buns, I improved the shining hour by practising both my flute and some singing….and putting another week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database.

Mrs Tootlepedal, having finally finished taking up the old cork tiles in the bathroom, was busy putting down new tiles.  This requires very ingenious measuring and cutting to get round those awkward corners.  As the tiles come in sets which give her exactly the right number of tiles with no room for error, she was taking a great deal of care.

Later, we put some of our Charles Ross apples to good use and enjoyed baked apple and custard for our tea.

Sandy was away enjoying the fleshpots of Carlisle so I walked up to the Archive Centre by myself in the evening and did a little housekeeping.  The moon was out and the wind had dropped again so the walk up and back was very mellow for November.

The flying bird of the day qualifies as a flying bird by all of 5mm.

flying chaffinch



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28 thoughts on “Not quite so well timed

  1. How fortunate you are to see a tree sparrow- they’ve sadly ‘disappeared’ from these parts. Did you count the rings in the tree trunk? Pleased you had such an enjoyable walk on your dampish day.

    1. I tried counting the rings but got bored before I counted them all. I am sorry to hear of the disappearance of your tree sparrows as they are a pleasure to see when they visit.

  2. More than impressed by Mrs T’s hard work on the tiles.
    Those mushrooms do seem like ones in a fairy-tale.

  3. It was nice to see the two occasional visitors, and all the fungi, but my favorite for the day is the “Hardy Survivor”.

    It’s that time of year, when wearing great big waterproof boots is almost essential. Our forecast is calling for 6 inches of snow this weekend, I’ll be digging my boots out today.

  4. We have turned colder too just recently and are anticipating our first (6-9 inches) snow. I guess it was inevitable. Love the bird pictures, in particular the Collared Dove (supposedly they’re spreading in the US but I haven’t seen them in my yard for years) and the Jackdaws. But the frilly mushrooms are divine.

      1. The anticipation usually turns out to be worse than the actual thing. Also I have a very poor memory for past winters. At least I keep telling myself that. 🙂

  5. The flooded road turned out to be a blessing in disguise or you’d have missed the fungi. The rain, on the other hand was not a blessing. I hate when that happens.

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