Total gloom

Caledonian canal

Today’s guest picture comes from my recorder playing friend Susan and shows boats on the Caledonian Canal near Fort Augustus, which she visited with her father when he scaled Ben Nevis.

Caledonian canal

The guest picture is the only colourful thing about today’s brief blog.  The weather was wet and gloomy when I got up and it was wet and gloomy when I went to bed and in between, you will be surprised to hear, it was wet and gloomy.

It was so gloomy that the lights were on all day in the house and as a special treat, the forecast is telling us that it will be equally, or possibly even more wet and gloomy for the next two days.

There is no doubt that I will have to put the slow bike on the turbo trainer in the garage becuase the wet and gloom are accompanied by strong winds. November has been the worst month for cycling of the whole year.

I went to the length of putting NewCam on a tripod in an effort to take at least one or two pictures but the gloom was overpowering and the results fuzzy.


goldfinches and chaffinch

Only the arrival of Dropscone with traditional Friday treacle scones prevented the morning from being a complete washout.

The afternoon was spent practising songs for the Carlisle choir and putting another carol into the computer to help the tenors of the Langholm choir.

I did get out of the house as far as the corner shop and perked myself up with the purchase of a coffee and cream éclair.

A phone call to Mrs Tootlepedal brought a little metaphorical sunshine into the early evening and a visit from Mike and Alison after tea brought some musical pleasure and interesting conversation to round off the day.

NewCam was unable to capture a flying bird of the day at all.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

25 thoughts on “Total gloom

  1. That does sound gloomy. I’m glad Mrs T was able to bring some sunshine into your day. I can imagine it would be quite depressing to have a month with few cycling opportunities. Here, we’ll put bikes on fixed trainer stands inside the house in the middle of summer when it’s rainy for days or too hot and stormy. It’s certainly not as pleasant as cycling along the road but at least it gets the legs working. I usually put my favourite music on. A talking book might be fun while cycling too. I hope there is a break from gloom soon!

  2. Cicero supposedly said “it is exercise alone that supports the spirits and keeps the mind in vigour’ so out with the stationary bike and keep on singing – which Cicero overlooked.

  3. I loved Cally’s comment, I hope it cheered you up after such a gloomy day not improved by Mrs T’s absence. I thought the bird pictures were remarkably crisp.

  4. I agree with Susan, I thought the photos were good, particularly the first in which the bird (a startling? I am learning, slowly) looks every bit as irritated by the weather as you. Hooray for good friends, a decent shop within walking distance and the phone!

  5. Sympathies with that gloomy weather, which saps the energy. Cicero had the right idea. Glad there were some bright intervals in your day, even if not in the weather.

  6. I can relate to your wet and gloomy, we have been there recently too. Today was cold and gloomy. We are promised sunshine tomorrow. You are better at summoning up energy for indoor activities than I am. Keep singing. 🙂

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