Late night posting


Today’s guest picture was taken by Santa Claus.  She is visiting us at the moment and brought our Christmas presents up with her.  She was so anxious to see our faces when we opened them, that we were given special dispensation to tear off the paper 25 days early.  She wasn’t disappointed with our reaction.

The perfect his and hers gift

It was just as well that we had this generous gift to bring some light into our life because there was precious little in the way of any light at all outside as we ‘enjoyed’ another excessively gloomy and wet morning.

I did look out to see if the rain had stopped from time to time and saw a welcome visitor to the feeder.


We had been promised a warm front and true to the prediction the temperature which was 4 degrees C at breakfast, rose 3 degrees in half an hour at lunchtime and then continued to climb until it was 13 degrees when I went to Carlisle in the evening.

The rain stopped as the temperature went up and I out out some pellets for the jackdaws.

Somehow I don’t think of birds using their tongues to pick up pellets.

There were the usual queues.


For the second day running we got a dry afternoon, although there was no sign of the sun today.  Still, it was very pleasantly warm so we went out for a quick walk round Gaskell’s.

The zero temperature yesterday doesn’t seem to have affected the lichen on the park wall…

park wall lichen

…though the recent strong winds have had an effect nearby.

fallen trees

 We kept a wary eye for more falling trees as we walked up the track to the Stubholm.

There was plenty of water about, coming off the hill…

waterfall at new bridge

…and rushing down the valley below.


I was very surprised to see some fresh fungus poking out from a covering of moss on a log beside the track.  Maybe the moss had protected it form the cold.


Annie (a.k.a Santa) was busy with her camera too and posed Mrs Tootlepedal in the middle of the road for an artistic shot…

Annie snapping

…and luckily avoided being run over by any log lorries while she was doing it.

When we got home, the ladies spotted some fresh fungus on our front lawn.

lawn fungus

The plant world must be baffled by our changeable weather.

Later in the afternoon, our front room filled up with tenors when four of our section in the Langholm Sings choir gathered for a secret and much needed practice.  We have a concert on Friday and we need all the help that we can get.

In the evening, I went off to Carlisle with Susan in her car and we had a very enjoyable session of recorder quartets, ending with a rousing version of Alexander’s Ragtime Band….and some excellent chocolate biscuits to go with our post-playing cup of tea.

I spent some time during the day installing Windows 10 on my back up laptop and some more time taking it off again.

The flying bird of the day is a shadowy jackdaw, the best that could be achieved on a very grey day.

flying jackdaw

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

25 thoughts on “Late night posting

  1. Happy music making Mr and Mrs T.
    You live in such a beautiful part of the world, with the water rushing down the hills. Might not feel beautiful on the cold day, but from where I am it looks very special.
    We are battling heat and humidity on the second day of our summer up here in Queensland.

    1. I am not at all envious of that sort of weather. I can’t cope with too much heat so I shouldn’t complain about our nice cool weather. It’s just the endless grey skies at the moment are a little dispiriting.

  2. You’ll have to ask Santa for a few nice sunny days for a change. I’ll bet that you enjoyed the milder temperatures though, and all the rain you’ve had does enhance the water running down the hills to the valley, which are my favorite images of the day.

  3. Great Christmas present – but we couldn’t see your faces!
    Your walk pictures reminded me of – up the airy mountain, down the rushy glen.

  4. What excellent presents! My three children all have ukuleles. They seem to be going through a revival and are popular with the young people I know. It sounds like you’re having a lovely time with your daughter. The fungi pictures are excellent, even if they are quite confused about the weather. 🙂

  5. Love the photo of the matching Ukes. I will look for a future photo of you two flying (figuratively, of course) in song on your new instruments. You do have holiday song chords to practice, right? Many free books online with wonderful tunes. It’s very relaxing. You will learn to love these little stringed wonders.

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