A certain lack of sparkle

New roads door

Today’s guest picture comes from one of Dropscone’s walks with his new camera.  He saw this vision of sunshine through a hole in the wall about ten days ago.

New roads door

There was no vision of sunshine here today as yet another morning of wind and drizzle kept our spirits low.

Luckily we had the writing, stamping and posting of Christmas cards to take our mind off the weather and I walked up to the post office to send them away after lunch.

As it had stopped raining, I kept walking.  I went along the riverside path which has the hole into which I fell in August and I was very careful to keep  my eyes down until I had passed it.

Mrs Tootlepedal doesn’t like this path because she feels that she is liable to be swept away by a small landslide as the bank is both steep and soggy.  The powers that be share her concerns and have been planting lots of shrubs and trees to try to stabilise things.  It is early days still….

easton's walk

…but already a small landslip through the middle of the new planting….

eastons walk

…doesn’t bode well for the future of the scheme.  We shall see.

I kept my camera in my pocket until I was near the end of my walk when first a fine mossy wall….

mossy wall

…and then a bold horsewoman fording the Wauchope caught my eye.

fording the wauchope

She kindly posed her horse so that I could get a good shot.  When I said that the shot was spoiled by a branch hiding her face, she laughed and said that only the horse mattered and plunged on through the foaming waters.

fording the wauchope

 She told me that the recent flood had helped the crossing by filling up some gaps with fresh gravel.

The early evening was filled with activity as the annual general meeting of the Archive Group took place.  The high spot of the meeting was the decision to have our annual dinner in an entirely new venue.  We were giddy with the excitement of it all. Otherwise, the meeting passed without any points of order or demands for resignations and we will potter on for another year much as before.

After tea, Sandy and I went up to the Archive Centre to continue the pottering process and put two weeks of the newspaper index into the database.

It really wasn’t a day for taking flying bird pictures and for once, I didn’t even try.



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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

31 thoughts on “A certain lack of sparkle

    1. I will be pleased of they succeed as I spent some time in the past getting funding to get the path restored to good condition and it has been broken by at least two landslips since.

  1. That is a steep embankment. Glad they are trying to get more trees going in there.

    The ground here is now swollen with water as well from all the rain. I think that may be why the nutria have moved in. A friend suggested their normal river bank homes may have been dug too close to the water during the dry period when the rivers were much lower. I have managed to photograph a group of three recently, and saw a much larger fourth one the other night that I assume is the mother nutria. She skittered off with the youngsters before I could run and get my camera.

  2. It’s a lovely shot of the wall with your beautifully situated church in the background. I know you pay for it with the misery of all the rain, but it’s a treat to see so much green in your photos.

  3. I wouldn’t probably walk on that path either, hopefully the vegetation sticks there through the winter. I’m glad you are looking in front of you when walking…I have been more careful after my fall in the hole too. But of course, if I see something interesting, like a bird, I forget to look down.

    1. That is always a problem. I get slightly cross at the possibility of missing interesting things because I have to pay so much attention to where I am going these days. If you stop to look at everything, you make very slow progress.

  4. She was a brave rider, but I expect she knows what to expect. The horse looks unperturbed.
    Sorry about all the rain, but the mossy wall shot has come out well.

    1. We even give cards to people we see every day. A friend suggested that there should perhaps just be one card which is passed round from house to house.

  5. I’m having a hard time picking favorites too. The horse and rider do stand out to me as I used to ride a lot and never had a horse that would go that deep into water! Love all the green even if it was caused by too much rain.

  6. It was a miserable day but what a surprise to see a horse and rider in the deep water. As you commented to others, it must be well trained. I wouldn’t be game to try it. That’s an impressive mossy wall. I have to agree that the embankment. I think it will be a while before the plantings will have some effect. I hope the soil doesn’t get washed away before they take hold.

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