New depths

Today’s guest picture is a screen shot of the Met Office website forecast for Langholm.  They used to give you five days at a go but now they give you seven days at once so you can see even more rainy days at the same time.  This is a real treat.


The bit that says that it is not raining on Friday night (tonight) is a fib.  The weather is so changeable that it is hard to put much faith in the forecast as far as rain and shine goes but you can see a remarkable consistency in the wind.  The speed given there is the base speed and the gusts are anything up to 50 mph so I don’t see much cycling being done in the next week.

We were listening to an interesting programme on the wireless last night about circadian rhythms* and the baleful effect that night shift working has on your health.  It is so gloomy that at the moment that we are living in a sort of permanent night shift and we are feeling it.

*A circadian rhythm is any biological process that displays an
endogenous, entrainable oscillation of about 24 hours.  I thought that you might like to know that.

You will gather that is was another foul day today with strong winds and persistent rain.  The only happy things about were a sparrowhawk…


…which was able to sneak in under cover of the roaring wind and take not one but two little birds in the course of the morning…

…and a pheasant which was strutting its stuff outside our back window.

It strutted right….


…left and….




It was probably happy because it wasn’t being shot at.  We could hear the reports of the pheasant shooters’ guns echoing round the town in the afternoon.   I don’t often feel sorry for pheasant shooters but they would be hard pushed to be having any fun at all while standing in a field getting wet in a gale.

The pheasant’s pleasure at not being shot at might have been modified by the driving rain whistling past its head.


My morning was brightened by Dropscone arriving with treacle scones at coffee time and my evening was brightened by Mike and Alison appearing so I got some enjoyable music played.

In between, things were quiet.  Very quiet.  I did go for a fifty minute cycle ride but as this was the view…..

garage wall

…for the whole fifty minutes, it couldn’t be described as very exciting…..though  I did listen to some good music from the Cambridge Folk festival while I was busy going nowhere.

Mrs Tootlepedal was a bit bored as well so she put in a shift cooking a leek, red pepper, walnut and ricotta roulade for our tea.  It turned out well.

leek roulade

I may get more exciting meals if the weather forecast turns out to be correct.

It wasn’t a day for taking the camera outside and the sparrowhawk and the wind kept attendance at the feeder down to the minimum so there are no more photos  and the flying bird of the day is a bit of a cheat.

One of them is flying!

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

36 thoughts on “New depths

  1. Oh dear, I sympathise with your dreadful weather. Constant gloom and strong winds stopping you from cycling are depressing. On a brighter note, my daughter who is a much better (and more enthusiastic) chef than me was impressed with Mrs T’s roulade. I always read out the meals you both make to her. My food offerings are much less exciting I’m afraid. The pheasant colours are most striking.

  2. I know it’s not really welcome in your garden, but the sparrowhawk is a very handsome bird. The pheasant, on the other hand, is a very comical fellow, strutting back and forth – your annotated series made me laugh out loud! (Sorry about the forecast and the row of nasty icons on the weather page – would you like to trade a few days of sunny cold?)

  3. What a depressing weather forecast! Your bird feeders make a lot of creatures happy; I and many others appreciate the photos you take of your customers, your customers, and the sparrow hawk who eats your customers.

      1. The weather is crazy here: today it hit 38 C, Sunday it was overcast and cool (I wore a jacket for my wander down the beach), we’ve had the fabled hail storm, airless hot days, a months worth of rain in an evening…personally I’m happy with 20-25ish but we’ve had scant few days like that

  4. Great photos of the sparrow hawk!

    The weather there and the weather here is remarkably similar this winter. We’ve received just 6.8% of the possible sunshine the past twelve days, and I blinked and missed it. 😉 It rains nearly every day, today was an exception, it snowed instead. But, next week the days begin getting longer, and in a month, there’ll be good light for photography again.

  5. Oh, the weather forecast. Looks like there is a glimpse of sun next week so fingers crossed. Beautiful pheasant and what a lovely tea by Mrs T! Well done for the cycling despite the view 😉

  6. I was a bit surprised by your view on the bicycle ride till the penny dropped.
    That roulade looks most professional.

  7. What an awful stretch of gloomy weather. Perhaps you should watch some movies about places bathed in sunshine to remind you that the sun does exist.

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