No deliverance

Today’s guest picture shows a row of gulls wondering whether it really is warm enough to swim in December.  My sister Mary saw them on a sunny evening in Regent’s Park.

Evening light at the boating lake, Regent's Park

There was no delightful light here at any time today, though to be fair the sun did come out for ten minutes during the morning.  Unfortunately it didn’t stop raining while the sun was out so apart from a bit of rainbow…


…there was no great benefit from it.

I had the pleasure of Dropscone’s company  (and his scones) for coffee but otherwise it was a bleak day of more or less incessant rain.

There was no chance to escape from the rain by car as we had to wait in for the delivery of a parcel.  We are not having much luck with parcels lately as like the last one we waited in for, this one was not delivered either.  An email to the delivery company revealed that the driver had failed to put it in the van.  They were sorry for our inconvenience.  That was good to know.

It will now be delivered tomorrow, they say but we will believe that when we see the parcel.

Birds were few and far between again today and this might be explained in part by a shout from the eagle hawk eyed Mrs Tootlepedal to look at the plum tree.

I looked.

I saw a sparrow hawk.


The sparrow hawk looked back….


…and saw me.

We waved and went our separate ways.

The day passed very quietly.

In the evening, I went to Carlisle with Susan for the first meeting in 2016 of our recorder group and it was good to start playing again.

When we drove home, it wasn’t raining.  We were mildly amazed by this.

The flying bird of the day was a chaffinch in a wetter part of the morning.



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39 thoughts on “No deliverance

  1. Was just about to say exactly the same thing, the first part anyway. Unfortunately the first time I saw as sparrowhawk in my garden it was snatching a goldfinch from a feeder. That’s life – and death.

  2. I should share the news about our down pouring of rain in Southern California today. Enough so that pictures of cars up to their windows in water were being shared on news channels. It was a very gloomy, stormy day, but being at work in an office building meant no difference to me. I’m glad to see your sparrowhawk photo. It’s very beautiful indeed!

  3. I hope you get deliverance today, both from the rain and of the parcel.
    Sparrowhawk pictures are excellent!

      1. I put my waterproofs on and go out into it. The thought of rain is worse than being out in it, unless it is threatening to sweep you away.

      2. It’s not much fun cycling in rain if you need glasses to see where you are going. They haven’t invented wipers for specs yet.

  4. What fantastic sparrow hawk shots. Very sharp, Tom. It has such a lovely shade of chest colouring. Getting those shots would have made my day. 🙂

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