We weren’t expecting that

Today’s guest picture shows the station in Leicester used by my brother a few days ago.  He noticed that they had  a separate entrance and exit in years gone by in case passengers should be confused about what they were doing.

Leicester station

Our lengthy spell of warm weather has come to an end and although the thermometer said it was just above freezing when we woke up, everything outside was quite frozen.

There was a big demand for pellets…..this was the big demander.


Although the roads didn’t look icy, the temperature of 2°C was quite low enough to keep me off the bicycle and to welcome Dropscone round for a cup of coffee and a scone.

By the time that he was ready to go, there was a hint of sleet in the air and by lunchtime the garden had changed colour completely.

the start of snow
12 noon on the left and 1 o’clock on the right.

The snow encouraged a blackbird to try the seed feeder….


…a most unusual sight.

The chaffinches sat in the plum tree waiting for it to go.


Fortified by a slice of bread with sardine pâté, I laughed in the face of some substantial snowflakes and set off for a walk.  I was only able to laugh as I had prudently put on a pair of waterproof trousers and I was protected by a large umbrella.

It was just as well that I was wrapped up as this was the scene outside our front gate…

Wauchope Street in snow

…and it was snowing even harder by the time that I got to the suspension bridge.

church in snow

I walked up to the High Street….

High Street in snow

…and along to the Kilngreen.

The slushy snow felt rather slippery under foot and I watched as first one and then another car failed to get up the short but steep hill opposite the toll house.   The driver of the first car wound down his window to tell me that he felt better about life when he saw the second car fail too.  The thoughts of the driver of the second car, who obviously imagined that he could succeed where the first car had failed, are unrecorded.

I was glad that I wasn’t driving at all as conditions were not friendly.

A7 at Kilngreen in snow

With care, walking was even enjoyable.  I strolled up the Lodge walks…

Lodge walks in snow

…avoiding being run over by the only car to pass me.

There was a lot to please the eye as I peered through the curtain of falling snowflakes.

snowy scene

snowy tree

A passing pheasant had left me clear instructions as to my best route…

Pheasant track

…which took me round the pheasant hatchery and back along the riverside path.
riverside path in snow
There was an occasional hint of colour to remind me that I wasn’t living in a black and white world…

holly berries in snow

… but the black and white was very decorative.

Castleholm in snow

I crossed the river by the Jubilee Bridge…

River Esk in snow

…and returned safely to the full colour world of our kitchen.

The snow eased off but remained on the ground and quite soon the light faded.  It seemed like a good time to collapse in front of the telly and watch an old movie so I did that.  Mrs Tootlepedal is busy on a new embroidery project so we sat in companionable silence.

In the evening, we were joined by Mike and Alison and Alison and I enjoyed some slightly patchy playing before joining the other two to down a small seasonal drink.  After the afternoon’s heavy snow,  it was fortunate that we had some port to hand.  It didn’t matter what the quality was like though as you can drink any port in a storm.  (Actually it was very good.)

The government has just issued some advice saying that 14 units of alcohol are the recommended amount for a week so Mrs Tootlepedal and I are going to have to drink a lot more if we are going to keep up.  We will try our best.

The flying bird of the day is a chaffinch in traffic.

flying chaffinch


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54 thoughts on “We weren’t expecting that

  1. Beautiful photos – I guess someone else’s shovelling always looks better than your own! The port joke was awful, but I did laugh!

  2. Beautiful snow pictures. I enjoyed your port joke and I will have to do some serious drinking too, to meet the governments requirements. Take care in the snow!

  3. No snow here at our elevation (800 feet) in our neck of the Cascade foothills. Beautiful winter scenery in your area, and I am glad you and Mrs. Tootlepedal had some port for such a snowy evening! The port we keep on hand is called “Fonseca Bin 27”, and certainly works in any storm. 🙂 My husband Rick also loved your port joke, and says he will have to remember that one.

    Would love to see a photo sometime of one of Mrs. Tootlepedal’s embroidery projects, if she is willing.

    1. She is rarely happy with her finished work and often unpicks part or the whole and starts again. I don’t think it likely that she will let me photograph it but I will ask.

  4. i think that you may have had one port too many if you used that old joke. 😉

    I believe that you were wishing for snow, and now I see why, what a beautiful snowfall, and what beautiful photos of it!

  5. The woods covered in snow look gorgeous. My favourite is the shot of the river from Jubilee Bridge. The finches look also very cute. Love the port joke 😉

    1. The river did look beautiful even on such a gloomy day. I had hoped that the sun would come out for a moment just to put the icing on the cake.

  6. Beautiful winter wonderland pictures, but what a surprise! We are still enjoying rather balmy, or barmy, weather down here.

  7. From a warm December to a snowy January in the UK! Sounds much like the weather here in Ohio- minus the snow so far…we’ve had some rain though.

    Beautiful photos!

  8. Obviously when our weatherman forecast snow he was looking in the wrong place. We get it so rarely here it always feels like a treat and I love walking in it since I got my Yak Trax.

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