The wonderful world of water


Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my son Tony.  Being the proud owner of a tradesman’s van himself, he was amused by this inscription on the back of an Edinburgh ambulance.


It was a day of strong winds and continuous rain so I was happy to invite Sandy round for a cup of coffee and a dainty biscuit to help brighten the morning.

After he left, I needed full rainwear just to go round to the corner shop for a bottle of milk.

After lunch, I got the rainwear on again and went out to buy a new daylight light bulb for Mrs Tootlepedal.  Her old one had ‘popped’ and she needs one of these for embroidering on gloomy days.

When I crossed the suspension bridge, the river Esk was showing where all the rain was going.

River Esk in flood

While I was out, I extended my trip to the High Street by going round the Castleholm to admire all the lovely water that was to be seen on every side.

The Ewes and the Esk
The Ewes and the Esk compete.
Langholm Bridge
The Langholm Bridge does a little surfing
Kilngreen seat
No takers for a seat with a view today
Looking down the Ewes
The view from the Sawmill Brig. Not many tourists about.

Even when I got away from the rivers, there was still plenty of water.

Castleholm tree in puddle

This often had the effect of giving me two trees for one.

trees in puddles

I came back by way of the Duchess Bridge…

Duchess Bridge in flood

…making sure that I kept well away from the river bank as I went along the slippery path beside it.

Esk in flood

I wasn’t really looking out for small items of interest as I battled against the rain and wind and hopped the puddles but I couldn’t help noticing this thriving bit of moss on a tree stump.

moss beside Esk

When I got back to the town, I made a diversion to Pool Corner….

Pool Corner

…before heading in for a cup of tea and a slice of toast.

It is hard to remember that this was the view at Pool Corner nine days ago.

Pool Corner in snow

I had made some sour dough bread in the morning and for once I left it to rise for long enough instead of getting impatient and I have ended up with a tasty looking loaf.  There will be plenty of time to eat it in the days to come as being indoors looks like a good option for most of the rest of the week.  We may see the sun tomorrow though.

My friend Gavin, fearing that I might be bored on such a miserable day, kindly gave me the books of a club for which he is the treasurer and asked me to do a quick audit for him.  This is what friends are for and with the help of Mrs Tootlepedal, I passed a happy hour or so untangling his accounting.  It all added up very well.

No flying bird in these conditions but at least I did spot a perching bird of the day.


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42 thoughts on “The wonderful world of water

  1. Good grief that’s a lot of water. I am going to stop moaning about my snow. In a minute. I’m still envious of all that green. The perching bird is attractive. I thought the way the feathers were ruffled made it look as if it had a bit of moss on its head. I think if we had that much water the Cowboy would be sure to have moss somewhere on his coat.

  2. I’d heard Scotland was rainy, but this is amazing. Floods are getting nearly as common as chaffinches over there. I hope the worst of this one passes you by and you dry out soon.

  3. I’m quite taken with your closeup of the moss. I found a bit of greenness on a nature path the other day, took a photo, and once home was amazed to see what I’d taken as amorphous green had little leaves and petals and looked for all the world like a garden.

    That rain’s quite something. We had a good dose of water-logged earlier this year. I hope yours recedes sooner rather than later.

  4. That certainly is a lot of water! If only I could send you some of my sunshine. I have more than enough at present. The farmers out west of here would benefit from a little of your rain. Some weather bartering sounds like a very sensible idea to me. 🙂 I was most amused by words on the ambulance picture.

  5. You’re made of sturdier stuff than I to be out braving weather like you had today!

    This has to be one of the worst winters on record as far as rain and wind, isn’t it? Once again, Scotland made the news in our local meteorologist’s blog due to the wind and rain. I hope that the weather improves for you soon.

  6. I liked the message on the ambulance!
    What a lot of water – you have given us a good idea of what is happening to all the rain.

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