A troubling bridge

sheffield waterfall

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by my brother.  He had an enforced wait in Sheffield and whiled away the time by watching water fall.

sheffield waterfall

We had plenty of falling water to watch ourselves, as it was raining when we got up and continued to do so for most of the morning.  It seemed very familiar.


It discouraged me from going for a walk but it didn’t discourage the birds.

goldfinches in rain
The goldfinches didn’t look very happy though.

There wasn’t a great rush but enugh birds arrived to give me something to look at.

goldfinch, siskin, chaffinch

The suet filled coconut is still attracting blackbirds…


…even if they do look a bit wild eyed.  This male was soon chased off by a female who had a cautious look round…


..and then started to eat.


I didn’t have long to look out of the window as the main business of the day was a trip to Carlisle to visit Dropscone in hospital.  Mrs Tootlepedal came with me and she enjoyed a couple of hours strolling round the shops of the city while I topped up my supplies of tea, coffee and cheese before walking out to the Infirmary. Luckily the rain had stopped by this time.

Dropscone was waiting for me in the cafeteria and we chatted away over coffee and, in my case, a fancy cake or two.  I had hoped to buy a golfing magazine for him to help pass the unforgiving hours of confinement but I couldn’t find one, although I looked in three shops.  Dropscone regarded this as a mark of the gradual fading away of golf as a popular sport.

He was as cheerful as he could be under the circumstances of having a very noisy fellow patient in the ward so that he is not getting much sleep.  He is hoping to get home before the end of the week.

I walked back to the city centre,  met Mrs Tootlepedal and drove home.

I had to get back in time to catch a scheduled call from the power company.  They wanted meter readings.  Luckily, Sandy dropped in on his way to the High Street so he took yet more readings for me and I will give them to the company tomorrow.  I am beginning to wonder if I should change my name to Kafka and write a book.

While waiting for the phone call to come ( I am not allowed to ring them – that would be too easy),  I noticed a robin outside the window.


In spite of the rainy morning, there was still a lot of light left in the late afternoon which is encouraging.  The darkest days are definitely behind us.  This gave me the chance to shift a bit more compost which cheered me up after the phone call.

The better light led to an orange sunset….

orange sunset

…which by six minutes later had changed to a delightful pink.

pink sunset

I heard the merry toot toot of the fishmongers’s van in a neighbouring street so I dashed out and brought some fish and (joy oh joy) a fine piece of cod’s roe.

I had the fish for my tea and it was as good as the sunset so the day was ending very well until things took a turn  for the worse when our weekly choir practice had to be cancelled.  The main road out of town to the south was being closed in the late evening so that temporary repairs could be carried out to Skippers Bridge and this meant that our musical director couldn’t make it as she would have had to make a very big diversion to get home.

Mrs Tootlepedal was less disappointed than I was as she went off to a very interesting lecture on Luguvallum or Roman Carlisle instead.   I slouched in front of the telly with my grumpy face on.

A goldfinch flapped its way into the position of the flying bird of the day in the drizzly morning.

flying goldfinch

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28 thoughts on “A troubling bridge

  1. It was a beautiful sunset, hopefully an omen of the day tomorrow if the old saying holds true. Hopefully Dropscone will be released from prison soon, and things will be back to normal.

  2. Your writings always put a smile on my face, including now that I’m traveling by bus from one airport to another in London at this unforgiving hour. My grumpy face got a makeover …Cod roe with a good dose of silent humor.

    1. I believe that a lot of our winter blackbirds make come from Scandinavia. I think that I would go for the chaffinch as our national bird but I don’t think that I would get much support.

  3. The sunset pictures are lovely and I’m glad you were able to obtain some more cod’s roe. I am very curious about the taste. You can tell Dropscone that here in Australia you can be assured of buying a golfing magazine in any newsagency. A few years ago I read that Australians have the highest number of magazine sales per person on the planet. Unfortunately, I think many of those tend to be the trashy gossip ones though.

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