21 today

tear and share

Today’s guest picture shows some tear and share bread that my older son made to go with carrot and coriander soup.  As you can see, it has been torn and shorn or possibly tared and shared.

tear and share

We woke to a misty morning but last night’s shepherds delighting red sky had not lied and the mist soon rose….

Whita in mist

…and it was just caressing the tops of our hills when I went out on an oyster catcher hunt after breakfast.

This time, I was moderately successful and a lone oyster catcher was standing on the stones at the meeting of the waters.

oyster catcher

It was in no mood to do me a favour by posing though and soon set off up stream.

oyster catcher

Birds have wonderfully supple shoulders.  I envy them.

With the main bird having flown, I turned my attention to some passing gulls.  As they were passing in single file and gliding gently, I snapped away happily.  They came with wings at all angles.





I like their neat feet.

Although the temperature was only fractionally above freezing and there were many frozen puddles about….

icicles on tree branch

…it wasn’t at all slippery underfoot.  I thought at one time that it had begun to rain and turned for home but on reflection, I think that I was misled by drops melting from ice on branches above my head.  Still, it was pretty chilly and I was glad to get back to a cup of coffee and a slice of fruity malt loaf.

I spent a little time looking out of the window.

Male and female blackbirds are still queueing at the coconut.



A correspondent told me that the blackbird is Sweden’s national bird which came as a surprise to me.  (He had voted for the robin).   Swedish blackbirds migrate to the UK in winter so these might be some of them.  We certainly have any amount of blackbirds in the garden at the moment.

This starling could be a migrant too.


After thinking about it for some time, it had a dip into the pink pellets in the covered feeder…


…but it wasn’t comfortable and left after a few moments.

After lunch, the temperature had climbed to a heady 4 degrees C so I got the fairly speedy bike out and did three laps of my outdoor gym.  I added a little tour round the New Town at the end of each lap and this took me up to exactly 21 miles.  I had time to go a little further but in spite of being well wrapped up, I was quite chilly so I settled  for the three laps.  Naturally the sun came out five minutes after I had stopped and I felt a little foolish for not still being out there.

I made good use of the weather though by finishing shifting the contents of Bin B into Bin C.  Just Bin A to go now but I am leaving that for a day or two so that my shoulders stop moaning.

I took a moment to admire Mrs Tootlepedal’s avenue of snowdrops.


Because of differences in shade  along the path, it is not easy to get them all out at the same time.  They haven’t done too badly this year.

The afternoons are stretching out nicely now and I was able to look out of the window while I made a cup of tea.

Siskins checking what’s up.
blue tit
A blue tit in the elder.

It was a good day from a culinary point of view as I had cod’s roe for lunch and then I had cod’s roe for tea.  Kings and princes could not have dined better than I did today.

After tea, I went off with Sandy to the Archive Centre where the internet connection behaved impeccably and we put a week of the newspaper index into the database in quick time.

Dropscone update:  The only down side to the day was the news that Dropscone has been detained in hospital for another night.  This was made all the more annoying for him as he had thought that he was going to get out by tea time today.  Alas, a check on his lungs revealed that he had not completely healed and so it was back to bed for him.  He is now hoping for an exit tomorrow.

The flying bird of the day is that disappearing oyster catcher.  It was too far away to get a good picture but I really like the elegance of its outstretched wings so I have used it anyway.

oyster catcher




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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

33 thoughts on “21 today

  1. I feel sorry for Dropscone. I don’t think time ever passes more slowly than when you’re hospitalized.
    I like Mrs. T.’s avenue of snowdrops. It’s easy to imagine what it will be in a few years.
    The W made by the markings on the oyster catcher’s wings is amazing, but I’d guess that most people probably never see it. It’s a pretty bird.

  2. Your action shots of the oyster catcher are impressive. I’d never really thought about much about how supple a bird’s shoulders are until your comment. I must say I could could with a little of that myself. Yes, I imagine your shoulders would be aching from all the compost shifting. Poor Dropscone. I do hope he’s released soon.

  3. Great photos of the oyster catcher! I also liked the snowdrops as another sign of spring coming soon. A few more compost bins to work on may make your shoulders as supple as the birds’. 😉

    Poor Dropscone, it will take him a few weeks to get his shoulders back in shape for golf again after being cooped up in the hospital for so long.

  4. That bread looks delicious.
    Well done for capturing pictures of the elusive oyster catcher. Hope Dropscone is discharged very soon.

  5. Thank you for the oyster catcher. I had no idea they were noisy. I am rethinking my desire to introduce another invasive species Over Here.

  6. All that cod’s roe! You’ll be turning up your nose at regular food now. Me–I’d take the carrot and coriander soup with that lovely tear-away bread.

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