Only got one pair of hands


In the absence of a genuine guest picture of the day, Mrs Tootlepedal’s current sampler modestly takes the stage to head up today’s post.


We had the best day for what seems like months for cycling today.  Temperatures were safely above freezing, winds were light and several rays of sunshine were to be seen.  What was to stop me getting out on the bike and having fun?  Quite a lot, as it happened.

The morning was spent in the Information Hub not giving information to anyone because no one came into to ask for it, the afternoon was spent playing trios with Mike and Isabel and I might have got out after that but I had to wait in for a call from the Archive Group power provider.  It never came.

There have been so few good days that it was really unfortunate that one should come along when my diary was full.  Still, Dropscone dropped in to help while away the time while I was not giving tourists information, the afternoon playing was really enjoyable and I managed to sneak out for a walk after the phone call didn’t come so I had  a good day in spite of everything.

I had time to look out of the window before I went up to the High Street after breakfast.  I was rewarded by two less familiar birds popping in.  A brambling perched in the plum tree…


…and a dunnock looked at the coconut on the bench.


When I got back at lunchtime, the sun was out and so was Mrs Tootlepeda.  She was busy in the garden so  I picked up a fork and shifted a lot of the compost from Bin A into Bin B.  This was just in time, because Mrs Tootlepedal’s tidying up is producing a great deal of material to go into Bin A the moment it is emptied.

I did take a moment to enjoy one of the early crocuses which had opened up as soon as the sun hit it.


As you can see, the crocuses are carrying the memory of yesterday’s rain and the snowdrops are looking rather battered too when you get close to them.


The sun was shining brightly and at this time of year and at this time of day, bright sunshine is a mixed blessing for the flying bird fancier.

flying chaffinches

The heads of the birds always seemed to find a bit of shadow and the wings always caught the brightest sunshine and burned out…

flying chaffinches

…no matter how often I tried.  Perching birds were easier.


After lunch, I went off to play trios and we interspersed the playing with a little political discussion to give me a chance to get a breather every now and again. Music and politics…  what could be more fun?

When I got home, I pitched a little more compost about and I should be able to finish the job tomorrow, weather permitting.

More crocuses had come out in the sun…


…and a solitary winter aconite had appeared as well.

winter aconite

As well as new growth, I enjoyed this skeleton from last year.

poppy head

Once I was certain that the power company wasn’t going to honour their commitment to get back to me within a certain time, I went out for a short walk. The sun was going to rest after a days hard work.

I walked along the river….

George Street

..which was already in shadow.  Two oyster catchers were standing on the stony shore beside the flowing waters.

oyster catchers

I walked over the Town Bridge and along to the Meeting of the Waters…

meeting of the waters

…happy enough to be strolling along without the need for hat and gloves for once.

Mr Grumpy was supervising the ducks on the Kilngreen.


A duck and an oyster catcher flew past me….

duck amd oyster catcher

…but Mr Grumpy was unmoved.


I walked on round the new path on the Castleholm and across the Jubilee Bridge.  There was a schools football match going on as I went round the artificial pitch on the Scholars’ Field, a good sign that the days are getting long enough now for normal life to resume after the winter.

My flute pupil Luke came in the evening and we enjoyed a thorough work out.  He continues to improve every week. This very satisfactory.

The flying bird of the day is the one chaffinch that just kept its head out of the shadows.

flying chaffinch

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34 thoughts on “Only got one pair of hands

  1. Loved the embroidery and the view of the town from the river. Sounded like a good day musically as well so too bad about the missed cycling, there’s always another day.

  2. I have probably mentioned this before, but Mr. Grumpy always reminds me of Richard Nixon. I digress even more than usual.

    It was a treat to see all those flowers. We are still snow-covered and beginning to feel like Richard Nixon.

  3. Nice to see the crocus and that poppy seed pod skeleton. I’ve never seen one do that.
    Mr. Grumpy must be a good fish catcher. He never seems to be fishing, only digesting.
    Mrs. T. must have a good eye and steadier hands than mine.

  4. A wonderfully cheery post with a nice variety of birds, some of the first flowers of spring, and a couple of beautiful landscape photos! If only the power company could get things straightened out, I would have called it a perfect day. But, I’m sure that to do that you’d have to get in some cycling. 😉

  5. What a treat to see some of Mrs Tootlepedal’s embroidery! She must be a woman of great patience and keen eyesight 🙂 I very much like the flower skeleton. I feel the exact opposite about the power company. Blah!

  6. Lovely to see the signs of spring as it is still very much ice and snow here. Before seeing your photo I had never noticed how much snowdrops resemble crestfallen bunnies.

  7. Mr. Grumpy looks quite spectacular posing in front of the water. He’s very colour co-ordinated with the background!

  8. Thank you for sharing some of Mrs T’s beautiful embroidery. I wish I had her patience and skill. I’m so glad you had a better day, weather-wise, even though you had quite a busy day planned indoors. The flower and bird shots are lovely and I enjoyed the skeleton shot and views of houses by the river too. They look very different to the huge mansions by the Brisbane River, owned by the rich.

  9. I’ve some embroidery projects simmering in my brain and Mrs. Tootlepedal’s hoop may have been the spark I need to get a design going. Please tell her that your readers appreciate it when she shares her work. Truly lovely. I prefer the aconite skeleton to the blossom. Nice shot.

  10. Mrs T’s embroidery was lovely, as expected. What a shame you were stuck inside when the sun finally came. Those energy people need a good talking to if they do ever phone.

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