Human resources

Skippers 148

Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone who was able to get right down to the river side to take this excellent picture of the damage and temporary protective measures at Skippers Bridge.

Skippers 148

Our spell of cool (-2°C to 5°C), dry days continues.  The best thing about it is the very light winds which come with it.  It feels as though we have been more or less continually buffeted by strong winds for more than a year so this break has been received very gratefully.

It would have been a very good day for a brisk cycle ride once the temperature had crept up but I conducted an internal audit of my corporeal situation and the auditor prescribed a day of rest.  I have done over 100 miles of pedalling this week after a very lean spell so perhaps I shouldn’t be too surprised that my system went on strike.

Sandy came round for coffee and picked up a set of pictures which the camera club is contributing to a Moorland Festival in March.  As I will be away at the time that the exhibition is being set up, he has kindly agreed to take the stuff in and supervise the hanging.

I did think of a walk after he had gone but didn’t get any further than a little thought.  No action ensued.

I was able to use the time to look at a robin.


I am pretty sure that these are pictures of the same robin.  It seems to have sustained an injury below its left eye.

The robin on the right in the picture below is definitely the same one as it was taken at the same time and has the same injury….


..but the one on the left was taken a couple of hours later so I don’t know if it is still the same bird.

I  mostly sat about and groaned and mumbled but I did look up from time to time and saw these squabbling chaffinches at the feeder.


Luckily the six nations rugby tournament came to my rescue in the afternoon so I had something to watch and it even provided me with a very rare Scotland victory to cheer.

After the match, I was so perked up that I actually did mange to get up and go for a very short walk.  I was so impressed by Dropscone’s picture of Skippers Bridge from the water side that I scrambled down a bank to take a picture of the Jubilee Bridge in the fading light.

Jubillee Bridge

A walk round the garden showed very little of interest…


…as the cool weather has put spring on hold for a while.

Mrs Tootlepedal had made a very tasty chicken pie for our tea so between the rugby, the walk and the food, the day ended up with me feeling quite a bit more perky than when it started.

We are getting up very early tomorrow to catch a coach in Carlisle at 7 am to take us to Manchester for our choir competition.  I don’t know whether there will be any photo opportunities or when precisely we will get back from what is going to be a very long day so tomorrow’s post may be very brief or indeed non existent.

I am pretty sure that there won’t be a flying bird of the day to match today’s effort.

flying chaffinch

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28 thoughts on “Human resources

  1. Good luck tomorrow! A day of rest from time to time does wonders, we all need one from time to time. I hope that the robin isn’t injured too badly, it doesn’t look as if it is in your photos.

  2. A constant wind can be very tiring. We had a month long wind once which I was very happy to see end. It’s no wonder that people on the great plains lost their marbles.
    Those stones should protect the bridge from runaway boats and logs. I know you don’t get river ice like we do, which is probably a good thing right now.
    It’s nice to see the pansy!

    1. We got some river ice a year or two back in a very cold (for us) winter but it doesn’t usually amount to anything very threatening even when we do get it.

  3. I wonder if the injuries to the robin were from a cat. I have not one but three visiting my yard now so birdlife is scarce. It sounds like a day of rest was needed. Best wishes for the choir competition. Yes, an excellent flying bird shot. 🙂

  4. I must find some ruffed grouse Around Here that will stand still to have their portraits made. I could post one whenever I feel like grousing, which is fairly often this time of year.

    Best of luck at the choral competition. I cannot imagine singing in public, but I am a very good audience.

  5. The Jubilee Bridge is quite an elegant structure, especially when looking up at it as in your photo. Best of luck tomorrow!

  6. I think I have caught up with you now that we are back from vacation. The photos are beautiful, as always, and hope to see more of Mrs. Tootlepedal’s embroidery from time to time. Good to hear Dropscone is doing well, and you are getting some rest as well. An internal audit of the corporeal situation and a prescribed day of rest! I’ll have to remember that. 🙂

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