Scattered showers


Today’s guest picture comes from a recent visit by Dropscone to Crail on the Fife coast where he was doing some golf refereeing in a pleasant spot.


We had no sunny scenes like that here today.  Indeed the nearest that we came to seeing the sun was this….

cloudy sun

…and as it was raining at the same time, our rapture was severely modified.

Dropscone came round with some traditional Friday treacle scones to cheer up a gloomy morning.  He was nearly run over as he cycled into the drive by Mrs Tootlepedal who was returning from the manure mine with a carload of muck at the same time. Luckily they just missed each other.  If there had been a collision, they would both have been in deep….trouble.

I found a dry spell to walk round the garden.  Spring is coming in at a glacial pace but there are signs of life.

The rhubarb has got to the stage where we are beginning to think about crumble and custard
The Dicentra are almost fully out
A single Lamium stem is trying hard to encourage the rest

I had thought of going for a pedal but every time, I got serious about it, it seemed to start drizzling again so in the end, I put a week of the newspaper index into the Archive group database, caught up on some correspondence and stared out of the window from time to time.

I almost got a picture of a rare visit from a great tit…

great tit

…but I was too slow with the shutter finger.

There were plenty of other birds about in spite of the frequent visits from the sparrowhawk…

plum tree

…and this led to some frantic action on the new feeders.

goldfinches and siskins

goldfinches and siskins

I was pleased to see two redpolls at the same time…


…and I admired the  control of this siskin, hanging on to the thinnest of toeholds.


Compared with all the small birds, a rook looked liked an millionaire’s yacht among rowing boats when it visited the plum tree.


In the end, I got bored and went for a walk in a very light drizzle anyway.  I had my Lumix tucked in my pocket and got it out when I saw a pair of goosanders at Pool Corner.


The daffodils at the old manse were very lovely…

Springhill daffs

…and there was a fresh wild flower to see (an anemone I think)….


…with the merest suspicion of green on the scrub beside the path as I walked along Gaskells.


It was colder than it has been lately and a rising wind suggested that hanging about might not be a wise move, so I abandoned the idea of extending my walk and headed for home when I got to the Stubholm.

The park wall was was as rich with lichen as ever….


…and I finished the walk with the happy sight of a magnolia bloom as I went in our front gate.


It might not be so happy in a day or two as we are promised some frosty mornings.

A few days ago, a friend sent me a note to say that he had only just realised that there was quite a little waterfall under the new bridge on Gaskells Walk but he thought that it would be too hard to take a picture of it.  This was a challenge so I scrambled down a steep bank to do the best that I could….

Gaskell's waterfall

…and thanks to my new knee, I was very happy to be able to scramble back up again….just.

In the evening, Mike and Alison came round and Alison and I played sonatas by Corelli and Mancini, paying particular attention to trying to get some proper baroque style into a couple of the slow movements.

The flying bird of the day is a goldfinch, anxious to claim a spot on the feeder.

flying goldfinch

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21 thoughts on “Scattered showers

  1. It’s nice to see the dicentra. We’ll have to wait a while longer for ours.
    That’s great perspective on the shot of the daffodils by the wall.
    I don’t know if I’d made that climb to see the waterfall. It looks very steep.

  2. I love the flying goldfinch of the day, great shot! While I like the photo of the waterfall, I don’t know that I would have slid down that slope to get the photo, that was going above and beyond. I also think that the photo of the daffodils along the wall is an exceptional photo as well. How’s Dropscone coming along learning the rules of golf?

  3. The flying goldfinch of the day looks just like a little kid jumping into a swimming hole. Yee-hah! But the goosanders . . . they look just like mergansers! I don’t know how I never noticed that before. I looked it up. Same birds, I think. Don’t take my word for it, though. I’ve been particularly unreliable this spring.

    1. They look identical. Typical of someone to have given them different names just to make things hard. I will try to get a better picture of them when I have the correct camera to hand.

  4. A very triumphant-looking goldfinch! Loved the photos of the rainy day, and glad to hear Dropscone came by with fresh treacle scones to brighten the earlier modified rapture.

    I have seen those little goblet-shaped lichens here. Not sure if they are what are known as Pixie Cup lichens. I found a gallery of lichen “mug shots” at

    1. I have thought of it but generally the quality is not good enough for print. They don’t look too bad on the screen but print is much more demanding.

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