Two sides to the day

chocolate tools

Today’s guest picture is very baffling.  These tools were seen by my Newcastle correspondent at a Food Fayre.  Why at a Food Fayre? Because they are made entirely from chocolate.  Why did anyone make totally lifelike chocolate tools?  A very good question.

chocolate tools

We got a slightly warmer day today but as it came with a very chilly wind, it was hard to tell the difference, especially as there was some rain to go with it.

It didn’t matter much to me as I was stuck in the Information Hub on the High Street not giving out much information.  I was visited by a selection of old friends though as the time went by so I wasn’t too bored.

When I got home, the rain was in on-off mode and it was interspersed with some welcome sunshine.  I put a week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database in the hope that the rain would go away (and stay away) and in the end it did and the afternoon turned out well.

The chaffinches were on the lookout for empty perches…


…and Mrs Tootlepedal was on the lookout for new plants so she went off to visit a garden centre.  There was a keen and chilly wind about but in the shelter of the garden, the sunshine was very kindly so instead of cycling, I did some garden tasks.

I started off by photographing my favourite bunch of tulips…


…which weren’t confident enough in the weather to come fully open and then I mowed the middle lawn and got the strimmer out and edged it too.  It is still home to a large collection of moss and lichen but it looked decidedly more like a lawn than a rubbish tip when I had finished.  It framed the flower bed at the far end pretty well, I thought.

lawn, tulips and daffs

Then I sieved some compost and sawed some small logs and I was just about to mow the front lawn when Mrs Tootlepedal arrived back.  She was impressed by my work but I was jiggered.

Still, I managed to put the light mower across the front lawn and it too looked better when I had done it.

I rewarded myself with a flower wander.


violet and hyacinth

Things were looking cheerful in the sunshine.  I had another look at my favourite tulips.

It was still not warm enough to make them open properly.

I went off on a short walk to see if I could see the nuthatches but although I could hear them, I didn’t see them and walked on after a while.  Part of the problem was dog walkers and children playing in the sun but since it is often claimed that children spend all their time indoors glued to screens, it was nice to see that this isn’t necessarily so.

In fact, I saw very little interesting on my walk at all except that it has to got to the time of year when you may see an insect on an open flower…


…although the views, even on a sunny day are still far from green.


A rook, perched on the playground fence at the Kilngreen made a pleasing picture.

rook on Kilngreen

And a blue tit in a tree in the Clinthead gardens looked charming.

blue tit

It was an odd sort of day for a walk.  The side of your body facing the sun was warm and comfortable, the side in the shade, catching the brisk and chilly wind was decidedly cold.

The plum tree is showing its first flowers…

plum tree

…so I hope it will get warm enough soon to tempt some bees or hoverflies out to pollinate it.
Mrs Tootlepedal’s favourite tulips are the reddish-pink ones at the end of the lawn and I think that they look especially good when the evening sun shines through them.

pink tulips

In the evening my flute pupil Luke came and we managed to play right through the longest movement of our Loeillet trio sonata without stopping which was a first for us.  Hooray.

After my tea, I went off to play with Mike and Isabel for the first time for a while. I had found two sonatas for flute, cello and continuo and we tried them out.  They were written by a fellow called Boismortier but far from being dead wood, they turned out to be most enjoyable.

What I like about music of this type (written in the first half of the eighteenth century) is that it was written for amateur musicians to enjoy playing rather than for people to listen to so it is relatively easy but still very good music.

The flying bird of the day is a goldfinch lit by the evening sun.

flying goldfinch

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38 thoughts on “Two sides to the day

  1. I agree with your wife about tulip colors. I love the view of her garden and the lawn. And the light in the chaffinch’s wings is lovely.

  2. Bit by bit we’ve watched the individual flowers coming into bloom, but the full flower bed, set off by the newly-mown lawn–now that is quite a show!

    No wonder the FBotD is dancing.

  3. The newly mowed lawn really adds a lot to the garden, especially when it is edged well. I see that Mrs. T. paid attention to the heights of things. A lot of people don’t.
    The plum tree must be a beautiful thing when it is all in bloom and filled with birds.

  4. Lovely flower and lawn shots – it’s nice to see so much colour, even if it’s thousands of km away. You are far too critical of your lawn, which looks SO much better than mine on its best day!

  5. I think all your birds made pleasing pictures. And then the flowers! Seeing them makes me think it’s almost summer – your garden is gorgeous.

  6. Mrs. T’s favorite tulip and the FBotD are outstanding photos! I also loved the wider view of the flowers in the garden, so bright and cheery! It’s obvious that the second half of the day was the better half, glad that you were able to get out to enjoy it.

  7. Beautiful photos of the gardens of the birds, and congratulations to Mrs. Tootlepedal on such a lovely display of spring flowers in the gardens.

    Chocolate tools are an interesting idea. I once won a 5 lb Hershey bar in a raffle. Rick ate most of it, over time. It required a hammer to break pieces off it was so thick.

  8. We bought some of those chocolate tools for our mechanic son for Christmas. He loved them. The garden is looking quite spectacular at the moment, lovely tulips.

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