Just another peaceful Sunday


Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone and shows a nice waterfall which he passed on his walk today.  It follows the golden rule that there are always trees in front of interesting waterfalls.


I had a very normal Sunday.  Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing with the church choir and I stayed at home and made a beef stew for the slow cooker.  Then I filled the feeders and watched a small invasion of goldfinches…


…flying in every direction.


When that was done, I got into my cycling gear and went for a short ride into the country.

One thing that marked the day out as slightly different from recent Sundays was that it had been snowing when we got up.  Luckily the snow soon stopped but it remained a rather grey and chilly day so once again I had to wrap up well before setting out.

Mrs Tootlepedal had told me that she had seen three windmills at the new wind farm on her way to visit to the dump yesterday so I went to see if I could see them for myself today.

I could.

ewe hill wind farm

…but only just.  I had to cycle to a better viewpoint to get all three more clearly.

ewe hill wind farm

Once again, I was in a good position to admire some gorse….


…and the inevitable power lines.

I was just bemoaning the fact that I hadn’t seen anything very interesting when I had to stop at Falford bridge because of a stream of traffic.

Falford traffic

It turned out to be a procession of mature commercial vehicles on an outing.

Falford traffic

Falford traffic

What was even more surprising was that the lorries were being followed by four modern coaches with ‘on tour’ signs in the windows.

What their purpose or destination might be is a mystery.  I was sorry for any normal car caught behind them on the narrow road.

I got home in time for a wander round the garden…

bee in daffodil
A lot of pollen

…lunch and a shower.  After lunch, I snatched a moment to turn some more compost and then it was time to go off to Carlisle to sing with our Carlisle Community Choir.  We had a a couple of hours of hard work trying (and mainly succeeding) to get to grips with a very syncopated modern pop song with a bucket of ‘oohs’, ‘aahs’ and ‘mmms’ to go with it.  We did well and the conductor assured us that the audience will love it.

The stew turned out well and the Shakespeare anniversary celebrations meant that there were more interesting things to watch than usual on the telly.

Not the most exciting day but one that was well spent.

The rather rough flying bird of the day is from the goldfinch invasion.

flying goldfinch

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25 thoughts on “Just another peaceful Sunday

  1. I love the birds flying in all directions – especially the headless goldfinch! We are forecast snow in the next couple of days which doesn’t surprise me as the temperature here hasn’t got above 11C in over a week and we’ve had rather a lot of hail. I have never seen a commercial vehicle rally before.

  2. It’s hard to believe that they can put a wind farm up that quickly.
    I’m surprised that the on tour signs didn’t say who was on tour. I’m guessing that it probably wasn’t a rock band.
    I had to laugh at the headless bird but I didn’t know it was a goldfinch until I read Clare’s comment.

    1. I could have done with more information. I could understand a vintage lorry outing but not the four following coaches. Maybe it was just a coincidence and the coaches were on a separate outing (but I don’t think so).

  3. Catching up here with you again. Quite the collection of birds at the feeder! To add to Dropscone’s lovely photo and lament about the tree in the way, I may add my own about the bee who tends to take off just as I press the shutter button. My rate of bee captures is low compared to the percentage of attempts.

    Sounds like your area is getting more and more windmills. We see them here up around the Columbia River area and eastern Washington. Quite impressive.

    1. My neighbour was complaining that we are getting more than our fair share. I think we have space for a few more.

      Bees are very hit and miss but they are quite slow at the moment when it is cold.

  4. I’d be very interested in hearing an audio clip from a performance of the syncopated “ooh”, “ahh” and “mmm” song!

  5. Our spring is slow to arrive, but I think (hope) we are past snow. Yuck. Your pollen dusted bumblebee gives hope for warmer weather. I hope you don’t have to do jazz hands with all that oohing, aahing, and mmming.

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