A package is delivered


Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone who has been on his travels too.  He was in Edinburgh at a family do and managed to find a golf course with a splendid view.


The forecast for today had been terrible but a knowledgeable chap in a hut whom we met yesterday on our walk told us not to worry as he knew better.  It would rain over night, he said,  but it would turn out fine once the day got going.

The knowledgeable chap in the hut turned out to be spot on and although the day dawned rather grey and windy….

These rowers, out for an early jaunt, were working very hard.

…it didn’t rain and as the day went on, the weather got better.

While I was watching the rowers, I spotted a duck….

eider duck

We only have mallards in Langholm so I had to look this one up.  It turned out to be an eider duck.  It was in a very busy mood.

eider duck
Eider up…..and eider down

We were waiting for a package to be delivered but when we were notified that it would come after lunch, we took a walk along the Fife Coastal Path to the neighbouring village of Pittenweem in search of a cup of coffee.

Parking in front of our holiday home is at a premium so we started by taking our car to the other side of the old harbour and parked it there, looking back at the cottage.

Our cottage is the small one with the white door at the left hand end of the row.

The coastal path was excellent.  It was squeezed between the shoreline and a golf course but it could hardly have been better to stroll along on a Sunday morning.

Fife coastal path

It was lined with wild flowers…

Fife coastal path

…and overlooked many charming little coves…

Fife coastal path
This one was covered in sea shells

Each cove is defined by long strips of rock running into the sea and some of them had very fine strata to admire.

Fife coastal walk

Pittenweem was only a mile away and we soon saw it ahead of us, perched on the top of a rugged cliff.

Mrs Tootlepedal remarked  that she wouldn’t like to live quite so close to the edge

The harbour at Pittenweem is a working harbour with a fish market and fishing boats rather than a marina with yachts.

Pittenweem harbour
It would be a good place to live if you liked fresh fish.  The fish market is on the right.

We found a pub open on the harbour front and they were pleased to sell us two coffees and a rather exotic scone.

Pittenweem is built on a sandstone cliff and we were impressed by St Fillan’s Cave which is set into the living rock.

St Fillan's Cave

We came back along the coastal path again and avoided being hit by any golf balls as we went along.

Anstruther golf course
The path goes along the edge of the fairway.  The golf course was busy.

Anstruther looked very pretty as we got near on our return.


We had lunch and since the package we still on its way, I went for a wander round the town in some very pleasant conditions.

I made a note of some of its attractive features.


The boat had been freshly painted and was looking very smart. The shells were decorating the side of a house.

The harbour might easily be confused for somewhere fashionable in the south of France…


…if there had been another 10 degrees on the thermometer.

I walked down to the sea shore to look at the sort of things that you look at when you are the sea shore.

sea shore stuff

I got back to the cottage and joined Mrs Tootlepedal in waiting for the package to arrive.

It finally arrived and Mrs Tootlepedal immediately took it for a walk to the beach.

Matilda at anstruther

We were delighted to welcome Matilda and her parents.  They are staying with us for the week.

We may not have Mt Grumpy here, but there are some severe looking gulls about keeping an eye on us all.



We are hoping the weather will stay kind and that we will have much more beach fun before the week is over.

The flying bird of the day is another gull.  (You may have to get used to gulls.)





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32 thoughts on “A package is delivered

  1. Did you know that the North Sea Cycle route goes through Pittenweem? It may have been that path you were walking. We went through there 10 years ago when we cycled the NSCR. Love the photos of the gulls.

  2. Now thats the kind of package I would like to have delivered. Have a lovely week with your package.

  3. Looks like a wonderful trip! So many beautiful photos, and a welcome package all dressed in pink. Have a lovely time with Matilda and family this week.

    Flying Gulls of the Day are always welcome. I grew up near the shore and remember them well.

  4. Have a lovely time with your family this week. I am very happy to see lots of gulls and more Eider Ducks too. What an interesting place you have chosen to stay at!

  5. That does look like a great place for photography, with just about any kind of photo you might want available. The seaweed would be where I started I think, because I never see it. I also like the stone slabs falling from the outcrop of ledge.
    I remember my daughter’s first seaside visit. It was very much fun to watch her interact with something she had never imagined.

  6. You have chosen a very lovely place to holiday, with the decided bonus of being at the seaside (with Matilda, no less!). I live almost smack dab in the middle of a continent, so the sea is always fascinating to me.

  7. WOW! That’s all that I have to say, I’m going to limit my comments while you’re on holiday so that you have more time to spend with your family, and to shoot more photos like these!

  8. Am incredible photograph of Edinburgh to start, a fishing village,fishing boats,small packages. I once spent a few hours between trains in Edinburgh, and became fascinated, never played golf really, but have noted courses are often found in wonderful locations, Dropscone is to be congratulated, one of the finest captures of the Granite city in my view, are you missing the dropscones? I hope your break gives you the pleasure your post never fails to give me personally every day.Thank you.

  9. I liked the name “Pittenweem” so much that I looked it up. Wikipedia said it meant “place of caves,” which seems appropriate given your photos. Gorgeous rocks. Matilda is the best kind of package. Enjoy your time with her.

  10. Beautiful photos of the eider duck. Their cry / sound is a true sign of spring. Unfortunately, in Sweden they have decreased in number, probably due to some virus in mussles.

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