Sun , sea and sand

View from Traprain Law

I stole today’s fine guest picture from Sandy without asking him so I hope he is not cross.  I used it because it shows the view across the Lothians towards the Forth and you can just see where we are staying in the background on the far shore.

View from Traprain Law

We woke to strong winds and pounding rain but by the time that we had had our coffee, the rain had largely stopped so Alistair and Matilda and I were able to have to have a walk round the town in search of a shop selling towels, as our cottage was rather under-supplied with these.

We found some in the end in an Aladdin’s cave of a little shop called This and That.  It certainly had this…and that…and quite a lot else besides.

The sun broke through the clouds and with Matilda resting after her walk, there was time for me to get the slow bike out of the car and test the back roads of Fife.  I didn’t think that I had done justice to the shell decoration on the house near the car park so I had another go today.  It is very striking.

Anstruther shell house

I was soon pedalling along out of the town.  The countryside is certainly different from ours.

Not a sheep in sight.

It started to rain soon after I took the shot above but the brisk wind soon moved the clouds along and the rest of the trip was fine and dry.

My target was a test visit to a castle and garden to see if it seemed like the sort of place that Mrs Tootlepedal might like to visit.

Kellie Castle

The castle looked fine enough but of more interest was the prospect of a large walled garden to roam round.  Another visit looked like a good idea.

I made my expedition into a 14 mile circular tour and there was plenty to see as I pedalled along.

alpaca and signpost
The alpacas are no longer a surprise but the signpost certainly was.
flowers and loch
Kilconquhar Loch was dazzling in the sunshine.

The fact that every farm that I passed seemed to have its own windmill was rather ominous and on this day at least, they were all earning their corn, as there was a brisk wind that made the outward journey a slog but the last few miles back home, a breeze.

I got home in time to join Matilda for lunch.  She had been to the beach with Mrs Tootlepedal and was in a very cheerful mood.

After lunch, it was time for Matilda’s siesta so I took Mrs Tootlepedal off in the car to visit the walled garden at Kellie Castle.

The garden is just under an acre and looks larger.  It was full of interest  including a very bright blue comfrey covered with bees, a huge garden bench and a busy thrush collecting worms.

Kellie Castle garden

Although it was very early in the season, the gardens were very beautiful.

Kellie Castle garden

Kellie Castle garden

Kellie Castle garden

 Kellie Castle garden

The castle and garden are in the care of the National Trust for Scotland and we chatted to one of the gardeners who was busy planting some vegetables out.  She told us that it was maintained by two and a half professional gardeners.  As it is organic, it requires a huge amount of work and they have a great team of volunteers to help them.

The day was never without a shower or a threat of a shower and it rained when we started to talk to the gardener but it had passed by the time that we had finished.

The castle looked good as we left it and you wouldn’t know that it was semi derelict and being used as a farm barn 140 years ago.

Kellie Castle

Matilda was up and about when we got back so we set out to walk to a good beach that we had spotted on our walk to Pittenweem on Sunday.  Alistair and Clare came with us and left us on the beach while they walked along the coastal path.

The beach was looking at its best.

Anstruther beach

The waves were just at Matilda’s height.

Anstruther beach

Mrs Tootlepedal and Matilda were far down the beach…

Anstruther beach

…when Al and Clare came back from their walk having had enough of being blasted by the very brisk wind.

We were just cursing a rather savage outbreak of rain on the walk back to the cottage when the sun came out and Mrs Tootlepedal asked, “Where’s the rainbow?”

It was over there, just above some roofs.

anstruther rainbow

It was the mother and father of all rainbows and we hurried to get a better view of it.  A gull was being brained by one end of the bow….

anstruther rainbow

…and will now presumably be the gull that lays the golden eggs.  Very sadly, since ot was a superb double rainbow, I didn’t quite have the camera or the position to make the most of it photographically…

anstruther rainbow

…but the sight of it will stay in my mind for some time.

We were all very tired when we got back (nice beach but too far to walk to again) and we perked ourselves up with a fish and chip supper.

The day had started gloomily but ended brilliantly as far as the weather went and I took a picture at each end of the day to show the difference.

am and pm anstruther

The flying bird of the day is yet another gull.

flying gull

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27 thoughts on “Sun , sea and sand

  1. It looks and sounds like an action packed enjoyable day despite the odd rain shower. That rainbow was a sight to behold and to have seen it in the flesh, so to speak, must have been really exciting.

  2. That’s quite a garden, but it makes me appreciate my own low maintenance yard even more.
    The person with the shell covered house has more patience than I’ll ever have.
    It must be a rare thing to be able to see both ends of a rainbow.

  3. I have to say the farm barns were much more impressive back then. All your land- and seascapes are truly beautiful.

      1. No actually, there are not many castles here. I really like to look at those you and others provide from good ol’ Europe 🙂

  4. The castle gardens are beautiful, and it is nice they are using organic methods.

    That is a spectacular double rainbow! I assume the gull being brained by the end of it attempted to make off with the pot of gold. 🙂

  5. The castle and the garden look very visit worthy and I like the shell covered house, maybe I could do that to mine? Your rainbow photos came out very well.

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