Another busy day

Lovely walkway between Rhyd Dhu and Beddgelert, Snowdonia

Today’s guest picture is a stunning shot of a lovely walkway between Rhyd Dhu and Beddgelert, Snowdonia taken by my sister Mary on a recent visit.

Lovely walkway between Rhyd Dhu and Beddgelert, Snowdonia

After a week of generally fine but slightly chilly weather in Fife, we were more than pleased to be back in our own home today, especially as as our return was accompanied by a genuinely warm and sunny shirtsleeve day from dawn until dusk.

I am going to put up an extra post to detail all the excitements of yesterday as soon as I get up the energy to sort through the 200 pictures that I took for what will I hope become fairly obvious reasons.  Meanwhile, there was more than enough action to fill the day today.

As usual Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the church choir and in her absence, I made myself useful.  I cooked a stew for the slow cooker, made a loaf of bread in the machine, did two loads of the holiday washing and hung them out, dead headed many, many daffodils, mowed the middle lawn and the grass round the greenhouse, practised three songs for the Carlisle choir and rushed round the garden looking at tulips.

More or less as soon as Mrs Tootlepedal came back from church, we had a very early lunch and set off to Carlisle for a “singing day”.  This consists of four and a half hours of singing in small and large groups, with expert instructors on vocal technique and interpretation.  It is an interesting and useful experience but it is quite hard to remember at half past five, among the vast flow of good things, what exactly it was that we learned at half past one.

We visited Mike and Alison when we got back to thank them for looking after the greenhouse and the birds while we were away and then sat down quietly for the first time today and enjoyed the stew with fresh bread (and some East Fife cheese of course) for our tea.

It was very nice to see our birds again…

redpoll and goldfinch

…and even nicer to see the fine stock of tulips which had developed while we were away.

I have put a sample of them here.


I hope to have some more as time goes on.

I am sorry about this rather cursory post but I am settling down to work on the  tale of the last day of our holiday which should follow soon.  As a taster, the flying bird of the day is another from that adventure.

flying puffin

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16 thoughts on “Another busy day

  1. What a wonderful array of tulips, so many different colours, a feast indeed. A second splendid flying puffin suggests where you might have gone on your adventure, look forward to hearing about it.

  2. Welcome back home! You still have beautiful tulips in bloom there. Our three remaining tulips that have so far escaped gopher activities have long gone by now with our strange weather patterns, and the roses have started blooming and daylilies have buds.

    Good capture of Puffin Airlines coming in for a landing!

  3. I agree with everyone else that the tulips are beautiful, especially that dark parrot.
    I’m also looking forward to hearing about the trip, but I know how long it takes to whittle 200 photos down to a more manageable number.
    The photo of the walkway by your sister is beautiful. Even the sky cooperated.

  4. With all the chores that have to be done after returning home after a week away, I’m surprised that you had the time to post at. Not only did you post, but it’s one with some of the most beautiful tulip photos that I have ever seen.

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