Back to normal with a pedal and a tootle

forestry bridge

Today’s guest picture was sent to me by Dropscone.  He was not to be outdone by his sister so he sent me a bridge picture too from a recent walk to Arrisgill.  It is of a severely practical design.

forestry bridge

Our spell of good weather continued but still accompanied by a brisk wind and not quite as cloudless as yesterday.  As the thermometer climbed into the twenties in the afternoon, we can have no complaints though.

I had a day of three halves.  It started with with a bike ride (after quite a delay for breakfast, toast, coffee, a crossword and general faffing about).

The bike ride was on my speedy bike and the new chain and cassette gave me a very smooth ride.  Like the day, the ride was divided into three halves:  fifteen quite hilly miles with the wind behind at an average speed of 14mph, eight flat miles with a strong crosswind at 13 mph and 13 gently uphill miles into the teeth of the gale at 12 mph.

Any difficulties with the wind were softened by the wild flowers and butterflies beside the road.  I couldn’t catch a butterfly (mostly orange tips) but the flowers stayed obligingly still for me.

Hottsbridge bank
Near Hottsbridge
The smell of coconut from the gorse was a delight.
I stopped to nibble a banana here

The most common flower was the dandelion and it brightened up even the dullest stretch of road.


cow parsley
The flower I would call cow parsley at Gretna Green

This is the best time of the year for cycling and seeing flowers.  Now, if only the wind would calm down a bit.

When I got home, I had a quick bite to eat and a shower and then got down to business in the matter of lawn care.

I scarified the middle lawn and collected up the worst of the moss.  I followed this up with giving it a good mow to clear the rest of the debris and flatten down the bumps created by the scarifier.  It is looking not too bad.  The front lawn is next in line for this treatment.

I found time to walk round the garden with Mrs Tootlepedal.  She is very pleased by the show of tulips which she has planted in the beds beside the front door.

front door tulips
I like them a lot too.

A couple of pansies have come out rather late and are looking very good.


Amid all the colourful tulips, there are islands of white.

Magnolia and Spanish bluebell
Magnolia and Spanish bluebell

But the tulips are the main attraction at the moment.


My favourites just now

In the evening, we were visited by my friend Sue, who came for a meal and a tootle.  She is the one who is having a shipping container turned into a garden room and office. It has proved quite a bit more complicated than she envisaged when she dreamed up the project and she will be very pleased when it is completed.

We had a very good meal (Mrs Tootlepedal’s rhubarb crumble coming in for special praise) and then Sue and I were joined by Susan for an hour and a half of recorder trios, the perfect end for a very productive day.

I found some time in the middle of all this to watch the birds.

siskins and redpoll
A redpoll brings some colour to a bunch of siskins
siskin goldfinch and redpoll
All went well until two goldfinches barged in and upset the redpoll

There was more shouty behaviour later.

siskin and goldfinch

And not a puffin in sight alas.

The flying bird of the day is a goldfinch.

flying goldfinch

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25 thoughts on “Back to normal with a pedal and a tootle

      1. Of course I wrote Mrs. Tootepedal, but my Kindle sneaked in Rotterdam instead. Dangers of modern technology 🙂

  1. It looks like spring has finally arrived for good there! I loved all the flowers along the road, and Mrs. T’s beautiful tulips! While they may not be puffins, it was nice to see the old friends at the feeders again, and to see that they haven’t learned manners while you were gone. 😉

  2. A fine display of tulips of differing colours and shapes. And tootling and pedalling too – in warm weather – even if a little breezy – plus the lawn care, must have made for a most satisfying day.

  3. Mrs T’s garden is so colourful and with such a variety of lovely flowers. You had a very pleasant day despite the wind and managed to see some beautiful wildflowers on your cycle ride. Gardening and tootling too – you packed a lot into your day!

  4. Catching up with you again here. Your countryside is looking more and more green, and the tulips are lovely! The shipping container conversion by Sue is an interesting idea, and I hope you will post a photo of it when it it complete.

    Dandelions are among my favorite flowers. Intrepid little souls who stay low to the ground in winter here, and even manage to bloom in the darkest months. We eat the greens when spring finally comes.

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