A little work


Today’s guest picture shows a beautiful lake in Snowdonia.  It was taken by my sister Mary on her recent trip to Wales with my brother Andrew and sister Susan.


Our spell of warm dry weather continued but so did the strong wind.  In the absence of any morning sunshine, I thought that it would be a good idea to get some Archive Group work done rather than wearing myself out fighting the elements on a bicycle.  Sandy very kindly came down and between us, we put three weeks of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database.  This was a useful session. The other group member who enters the data has been working hard too so we are giving the data miners a run for their money.

Sandy had business in Carlisle so he left and I went out to see what Mrs Tootlepedal was doing in the garden.  She was busy delving so I put some buck-u-uppo onto the strawberries (which are looking good) and watered the gooseberry and blackcurrant bushes.  I am a bit worried by the shortage of bees in the garden.  There are a few but we need more for the pollination.

After lunch, I went off by myself to see if I could see a nuthatch or two.

My route took up the Lodge Walks and it became apparent that in the week that we were away, the trees have come into their own.

Lodge walks

Although I waited for a fair bit of time at the nuthatch site, the only bird that I saw was a chaffinch.


The day was brightening up so when I gave up hope of a nuthatch arriving, I followed a tip from Sandy and went to look at the wooded banking above the Lodge Walks.  He had thought that it might prove a good spot to see some more bluebells…


…and how right he was.


As you can see, the sun had come out by now and the clear skies lasted for the rest of the day.

I made a little excursion to see what I could see nearby.

Castleholm trees
The trees are enjoying the warmer weather
Castleholm trees
Looking across the playing fields towards Timpen hill

I had another look at the Lodge Walks on my way home.

Lodge Walks
The big pile of logs on the right is a reminder of our winter gales

The river is getting its spring clothes on too.

Esk in spring

I was welcomed home by one of out resident chaffinches…


…and then I had a look round the garden in the sunshine.

The tulips were positively glowing with delight at the good weather.



tulips and grass
Mrs Tootlepedal particularly likes this combination of colours

Then I got down to work on the front lawn which is slowly recovering from our aborted attempt to turn it into a wild flower paradise.  It is extremely mossy so I gave it a thorough scarifying and then mowed it as well.  This process will need to be repeated at least once more.

After I finished, I rewarded myself with another look round the flower beds.

There are yellow flowers…

marsh marigold and dog tooth violet
Marsh marigold and dog tooth violet

…and orange ones too.

wallflower and new tulips
Wallflower and new tulip

I couldn’t resist another look at some well established tulips offering a contrast in plain and fancy styles.


I shifted a little compost and dug up and shredded some kale that was long past its use by date and then Mrs Tootlepedal kindly cut my hair.   Next, I went for a shower.  The trouble with hot weather is that you have to do a lot more washing and changing clothes.

In the evening, we went for a practice with our Langholm Choir.  It wasn’t very satisfactory as we have two concerts coming up soon but neither our conductor nor our pianist were there.  Two choir members did a very good job of putting us through our paces but at this late notice a proper practice would have been better.

Once again, I didn’t have much time to look out for flying birds and with all the garden activity going on, the feeders were often very quiet so this goldfinch coming up to the feeder pole was the best that I could do.




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17 thoughts on “A little work

  1. I’d love to take a folding chair and sit among those bluebells for a day or two. Maybe do a painting of them. I can’t imagine a more beautiful place, including the walk with the spring green trees overhead.
    I think that pink tulip is my favorite.

  2. It’s a real treat to see everything greening up in your part of the world, along with the gorgeous flowers, both wild and in the garden! I hope that this nice weather holds for you for a while, without the wind.

  3. A lovely display of flowers and trees in today’s blog. Hope the choir manages to get enough practice with conductor and pianist for the concerts.

  4. It’s a bit disturbing that you have a shortage of bees in the garden. Could it have been the windy weather or have you noticed a shortage all spring? Are there any beekeepers nearby?

    1. It has been very cold so far this year until this week. There were a few about today. There are no beekeepers in the town so we rely on bumble bees.

  5. It was a pity you didn’t have your conductor to take the rehearsal; I hope the concert goes well. Beautiful flowers in the garden and wonderful views on your walk.

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