Sunday thumb resting


The second guest picture of the day is also from my brother’s Welsh trip and shows a pretty view from a climb up Snowdon.


Our trip to Glasgow ended with a sunny rail trip back to Carlisle and a quick drive home for a  meal and a rest before returning to Carlisle for a choir practice.  Considering that we were quite tired from just watching his Glasgow concert, it was a tribute to our conductor Andrew that he was full of energy for us and we had a good session.

We had time to look round the garden while we were at home and there are always things to see when you have been away for a day or two.

The first Rhododendron flower of the season
Allium and Rhododendron
Allium and another Rhododendron showing promise

The alpine clematis is opening more flowers…

alpine clematis

…and the tulips in the front bed are thriving.

front tulips
A pretty combination.

The garden is brightened up by two patches of white…

Star of Bethlehem
Star of Bethlehem..
…and cheerful daisies

In an effort to keep resting the thumb, I set the heavy camera up on a tripod and stood it beside the kitchen sink and used a remote control.  It spotted an infrequent visitor, a greenfinch….


…and three of our regulars, a goldfinch, a siskin and a redpoll.

siskin, redpoll and goldfinch

It didn’t manage to catch a flying bird as it can’t stay in the way in the kitchen for long but it did notice a feisty siskin.


And with a bit of a swivel, it caught a blackbird tip toeing across the lawn.


I am hoping to continue  resting my thumb for a day or two but I hope to be back on my bike before the week is over.




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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

19 thoughts on “Sunday thumb resting

  1. I hope the thumb gets better very soon. I have a thumb stall provided by my hospital which I find very helpful when my arthritis flares up. I love the pretty pink tulips and the tip-toeing blackbird.

  2. The pictures are beautiful, and descriptive of your countryside there, as always!

    Sometimes soaking the hand in a pan of hot water and Epsom salts helps. No need to respond. Just rest your hand.

    1. I am going to get professional advice next week so we will see. Thank you for the suggestion meantime. I suspect that old age may have something to do with it.

  3. Glad the thumb is still improving, I will email the name of the cream that helps mine. Lovely colours in your garden and glad the choir practice went well.

  4. I’m happy to hear your thumb is improving. I’m wondering if you’ve tried using your other hand for your mouse? It takes a day or so to get used to the awkwardness, but you will quickly get used to it. It’s good for your thumb, neck, and brain to switch up hands for mouse use from time to time.

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