Not much going on

The Edge

My brother recently mislaid his phone and took this picture on a walk along The Edge from Edale in Derbyshire to test out his new one.  It looks good to me.

The Edge

Our rather unnerving spell of beautiful weather continued today but I couldn’t make the best of it at all.

After breakfast, I had to do a two hour  stint in the Information Hub in the High Street and not a single visitor came in seeking information.  Luckily there was a good exhibition of the paintings and other art work  of my old friend Jean, who used to come archiving with Sandy and me.  We miss her a lot and it was good to see her work, collected by her son Niall from many of the people who presently own it.

Dropscone also popped in just before I shut up shop.  He had been busy golfing.

After a quick lunch, I took a moment to walk round the garden.

I looked down on tulips today.



There are new flowers about.

The first of what should be a good show of azaleas
Polemonium or Jacob’s Ladder

This  euphorbia is a favourite of mine….


…and repays closer study.


I didn’t have long to wander about as I was expecting a meter reader to visit the Archive Centre.  He had a four hour window within which he was due to arrive so I was able to put several weeks of the newspaper index into the Archive database while I was waiting for him not to come (as it turned out).

It was time wasted but it was a bit frustrating on a beautiful afternoon to be stuck indoors.

Annoyingly, the sun went in just as I was crossing the river to go to the Centre so that the riverside blossom wasn’t quite at its best.

blossom by river

I got home just in time to meet a very charming fellow whose business it is to prepare the ground for the removal and replacement of telephone poles in people’s gardens.  We have two in ours which serve us and our neighbours.  They have been condemned and will be replaced soon.    We are hoping that our garden won’t be wrecked in the process.

A phone call to the power company told me that they are expecting the meter reader to come tomorrow.  Dash.  More time wasted tomorrow.

My flute pupil Luke came for a lesson even though he is in the middle of his school exams and we had a very productive time.  This cheered me up after my rather dull day.

It was still sunny after I had eaten a meal prepared by Mrs Tootlepedal while we played and there was time to get the fairly speedy bike for a short ride.  I had intended to go up my favourite route, the Wauchope road but the council has freshly tarred and gravelled it from the edge of the town and it was impossible to cycle along it.

I turned back and pedalled south down the main road and then back through Canonbie, passing the church…

Canonbie Church

…and going up the Tarras road to Langholm.

Everything is going very green.

railway bridge at Mumbie
A glimpse of a bridge over the old railway beside the road

I got a good view of Whita from the Mumbie…

Whita from Mumbie

…and an even better one of the distillery in the low evening light as I paused at Skippers Bridge for the obligatory photo op.

distillery evening spring

The eighteen miles in the company of Dr Velo worked its customary magic and chased away any remaining grumpy feelings from pointless sitting about earlier in the day.

I have had to put the bird feeders away for a week or two because of a number of poorly birds visiting the garden.  It looks like Trichomonosis which affects garden birds so I am cleaning everything very thoroughly and letting our feeder site settle down for a while. As a result, there will be few if any flying bird pictures.  This may not be a bad thing for my thumb (which is enjoying its rest).

Here are some green trees of the day instead.

Castleholm trees

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27 thoughts on “Not much going on

  1. Lovely photos. I wash my feeders weekly and clean the feeding area with a bleech solution. I buy bleach tablets to save me having to carry heavy bottles home.

  2. Splendid view from Skippers Bridge. I am all ready to celebrate when the Power company rep turns up and solves the accounts problem at the Archive Centre.

  3. Beautiful photos. I’m going to take a closer look at my euphorbia now and see what I’ve been missing- thank you for opening my eyes! Keep resting that thumb!

  4. Your flower photos are quite beautiful. And I really love that distillery. But it must be upsetting to see your birds getting ill. I’ve never heard of trichomonosis and don’t think we have it here. It sounds rather awful. Do the birds recover?

  5. I hope the week of non-feeding does the trick. We have two poles in our garden too and they were replaced a few years ago. It was done quickly and neatly and I cannot remember noticing any damage whatsoever. I hope your pole change goes as smoothly. I loved the evening light in the photos taken on your cycle ride and liked the euphorbia picture very much.

  6. Good to hear that Dropscone is feeling well and back to all his usual activities again. His name is synonymous with scones of any type now. 🙂

    The countryside is beautiful there, and I love those country lanes. I hope the birds recover soon, and that the feeders will be once again full of arguing chaffinches and their friends. Best of luck with the new utility pole. Prepare for the worst in terms of damage to the gardens, hope for the best.

  7. Beautiful photos of both the garden and the countryside! I’m to glad to hear that your “thumb resting” is beneficial. I too suffer from thumb joint arthritis so I use a lot of ergonomic tools in the garden and do stretching and strength exercises for my hands that I used when I played keyboards professionally. Here’s a link to a friend’s video – he developed a technique he called “Finger Fitness” and I’ve used the exercises for years – maybe you will find it helpful. There are several floating around on YouTube.

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