Two trips

Kinder Scout

Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s new phone.  It shows the view across to Kinder Scout, scene of a famous mass trespass in 1932, which was very influential in leading to better rights of access for ramblers in England.

Kinder Scout

I am very short of cycling miles this month thanks to too many jaunts and too much to do so I was keen to fit a short ride in this morning before going to the Archive Centre to wait for the meter reader.

I was just about to set out when I received a phone call from Scott, the minister, who was also looking for a short pedal so we agreed to go together.  He is in training for a couple of long charity rides so I was expecting to find myself lagging behind him and this expectation was fully realised on the first hill.  However, he politely slowed down for me and we pottered round the same route as I had used last night.  The road men seem to be gravelling on all sides and the main road was the best option again.

Scott is not a man to stop for pictures so the first pictures of the day were taken during a quick walk round the garden when I got home.

We are entering a purple patch.  The lamium is flowering….


…and the alliums are working very hard at coming out.


 There are still poppies of course but they will soon be overtaken by the azaleas.


Not a frog to be seen in the pond but skaters in abundance.

pond skater

I put my lightweight camera down and went up to the Archive Centre where the meter reader appeared on cue.  He told me that the the meter and the bills based upon it were in disagreement as to what was night and what was day and also took the view that our storage heaters were suffering from either a defective clock or a defective thermostat so it was a useful visit.

Even better was the fact that he had come so promptly that I was able to pedal home in time to go off to Lockerbie with Mrs Tootlepedal to catch the train to Edinburgh to spend the afternoon visiting Matilda.

The journey went well and Matilda was in good form.  She showed Mrs Tootlepedal some of the flowers in her garden…

Matilda and Mrs T

…and then took her off for a walk to the park.

Matilda and Mrs T

After some vigorous work on the slides there, it was lucky that Matilda found a stout stick to give her some support on the journey home.

Matilda and Mrs T

Matilda’s parents kindly supplied us with an excellent Indian carry-out for our  tea which we ate with them round the kitchen table and we headed back to the station in a very satisfied mood.

The gorse on the slopes of Arthur’s Seat was very striking and I wish that we had had time to go into the park to see it better…

Gorse on Arthur's Seat

…but there was a train to catch so we had to go to the station.

North Bridge
The North Bridge which carries the main road over the station

There are a number of quotations from Walter Scott, the author of the Waverley novels,  dotted round Edinburgh Waverley Station and this one caught Mrs Tootlepedal’s eye.

Walter Scott quote

Although superficially amusing, I thought that it probably reflected more badly on the author and his lack of patience than on the qualities of his friends.  Perhaps they didn’t bring him enough scones.

We got home safely, tired but happy.


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15 thoughts on “Two trips

  1. Yes, quite likely his friends did not supply Sir Walter Scot with sufficient scones! 🙂

    I looked up the mass trespass of 1932, which led me to poet and folksinger Ewan MacColl. Links on Wikipedia can lead one interesting places.

    A pleasant sunny and breezy day here in Oregon with cirrus clouds moving in during late afternoon. I am watching the developing blueberries with interest, and will try my hand at some blueberry-oat scones when they are ripe. Perhaps adding a bit of coconut… Deer staged an attack on the strawberry plants in pots last night, nibbling the leaves. They will move into the greenhouse tonight for safekeeping until I can get a proper fence up along the front.

    1. A good fence would be my priority. I would hate to have my strawberries nibbled. Ewan McColl is a very interesting study in himself. He is a man who invented himself.

  2. I think Sir Walter Scott might have been a bit of a grumpy old man at times. I hope Mrs T picked up a few gardening tips from Matilda. Nice photo of the lamium flower.

  3. Matilda is becoming quite a hiker with a backpack and all.
    It sounds like you might have finally gotten things straightened out with the electric company. I hope so, you’ve invested a lot of time and effort into solving that problem.

  4. Lovely pink outfit Matilda is wearing.
    Glad the day went so well – you packed a lot in. Good news re the meter reader and his prompt and helpful visit.

  5. A happy and satisfying day for you and family. IT’s wonderful seeing the world afresh through the eyes of a grandchild.

  6. Given the Homeric status of your power company saga I was deeply impressed by the understated nature of this sentence: “I put my lightweight camera down and went up to the Archive Centre where the meter reader appeared on cue.”

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