A certain lack of excitement

Knobbly tree

Today’s guest picture shows a very knobbly tree spotted by my neighbour Liz when she was down near Oundle.

Knobbly tree

Yesterday, the weather forecast had said that it would be fine in the morning and wet in the afternoon today but in the event, the day was wet in the morning and fine in the afternoon.

This would have been very upsetting for my plans if I had made any but as I hadn’t, I kept very calm about the whole thing.  I had hoped to go for a cycle ride but old age and quite a lot of recent activity caught up with me today and I simply couldn’t persuade myself to get into my cycling gear, let alone get on a cycle.

I decided to make the best of things and have a complete day of rest.  I had coffee with my neighbour Liz, did the crossword, ran through the songs we are singing with our Langholm choir at a concert on Friday, pedalled gently up to the town to replenish my stock of coffee beans  and, when the weather permitted, took several leisurely strolls round the garden.

In spite of the rain, it was a genuinely warm day today and when the sun came out in the afternoon, it was just perfect for a little outdoor lazing about.

I took my light camera with me as I pottered about.  These first pictures are from the damp morning.

Fly on wet tulip
I caught this fly quite by accident
A pulsatilla still looking interesting even though it is over

To save the readers some valuable time, I have out the rest of the pictures that I took through the day into matching pairs.

White: The first clematis round the back door and a strawberry full of water.

clematis and strawberry

Yellow: The first Welsh poppy and the last of the tulips to come out.

poppy and tulip

Closely related:  Azalea and Rhododendron

Azalea and rhododendron


variegated leaves

Colourful in their own way: Spirea and Japanese azalea

spirea and Japanese azalea

Curly: Ferns


Part and whole: Tulips


It was so nice in the afternoon that I had to tie my leg to the kitchen table to stop myself rushing out and mowing all the grass and sieving a little compost.  These tasks will have to wait for the next good day.  I did allow myself to sharpen the lawn mower and reset the blades and, as always, there was some dead heading to be done.

The rest is letting my thumb improve in a very satisfactory way.

With the bird feeders put away for a while, there was not much bird action to be seen but I did enjoy this siskin trying to pass itself off as a leaf on the plum tree.

siskin in plum tree

The day came to an end with a visit to the last practice of our Langholm choir before the first of two concerts on Friday. Alth0ugh there are those who think that a bad final practice means a good performance, I prefer to have a good practice followed by an even better performance and in general, tonight’s practice was pretty hopeful.

Only a blind  tone deaf optimist could have said that it was perfect but it was a lot better than it might have been and the audience should have an enjoyable experience.

I hope to get out and about a bit more tomorrow.

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

16 thoughts on “A certain lack of excitement

    1. Since I have consciously started to try to rest the thumb, I have discovered just how many things that there are that you use your thumb for. I think that the heavy camera and the mouse are the two most damaging uses but cycling and mowing are in there too. I am trying to develop a nifty wrist action for the dead heading and I also use scissors when there is a big job to be done.

  1. your weather was better than ours – grey all day and I have a streaming cold as well so only the third day this year I haven’t cycled – got to get better for next weekend.

  2. The tree looks like it could tell a few interesting stories! The flowers are beautiful, as always. Your siskin looks as if he is waiting for seed, and is probably wondering what happened to the restaurant. I hope the bird population recovers from the outbreak soon, and the feeders are back in full swing.

    Back to cool and rainy here today, with an expected high in the mid 50s.

    Wishing the Langholm choir a great performance, and I’m sure the audience will have an enjoyable experience.

  3. I am glad to see from a previous comment that your thumb is improving well. Restful days are good for the soul as well as the thumb. I hope the concerts go well on Friday. You have some beautiful flowers in your garden and I liked your pairs!

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