Two scone day

Trent and Mersey canal

Today’s guest picture comes from my brother Andrew.  I like canals and bridges and his picture of the Trent and Mersey Canal has both.

Trent and Mersey cana

It was a very cool and windy day today, with not a drop of sunshine to brighten things up at all so I was more than pleased to welcome Dropscone round for scones and coffee.  He has been playing a lot of golf so he had many sad stories to tell me.

After he left, I took a turn round the garden but the day was so grey and the wind was so brisk that taking flowers pictures was a dead loss and I didn’t take try to take many.  I took enough to record that the day of the tulip and grape hyacinth is almost gone…

hyacinth and tulip

…and we are witnessing the dawning of the age of Aquilegia.


It was spotting with rain after lunch when we went off to catch the train to Edinburgh to visit the world’s greatest small person and her parents.  The clouds were down so low that if you looked up suddenly, you might bang your head on them and by the time that we got to Edinburgh, it was raining steadily.  It didn’t let up for the rest of the day.

I was a bit bored because of the lack of views on the train so I amused myself by trying to catch scenes through the window as we zipped along. The route to Edinburgh climbs through a narrow valley beside the motorway up to the Beattock summit at just over a thousand feet and then, having crossed the river Clyde, coasts gently down to Edinburgh.

Train to Edinburgh
The climb to Beattock, some of the many windmills on the summit and farmland near Edinburgh

When we got to Matilda’s house, we found that her mother Clare had made some delicious scones so although it was a dull day for weather, it was a very good day for a scone lover.

The persistent rain meant that we didn’t get the opportunity to take Matilda to the park today but she kept herself busy by doing the washing up…


…occasionally wondering why people weren’t helping her.


We enjoyed a very good curry with her parents and then went home in the rain.

While we were waiting at Lockerbie to catch the train on the way up, I had had time to admire the fine tower of the Lockerbie Town Hall, visible from the station platform.

Lockerbie town hall

After a pause to let the possibility of transmitting bird disease diminish, I have put one bird feeder out again but no birds had visited it before we left so instead of a flying bird of the day today,  I took a picture of a flowery train on the platform at Lockerbie.

Lockerbie station

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25 thoughts on “Two scone day

  1. Scones at two different places! Now that is living! Matilda looks very sweet and helpful there, doing the washing up. Won’t be long now before she is riding a bike.

    Best of luck with the birds. I hope the worst of the epidemic is over now, and the feeders will be back in full swing soon.

  2. It rained then, Tom! Being Welsh, the rain doesn’t hold any fears for me. My rain gear is always in my car boot, along with my wellies and wallaby skin wide brimmed hat. In fact, I am rarely out of wellies. Nice images, despite the dampening of your spirits by the weather. I prefer warm weather and blue skies, but the marsh needs all the water it can get. I’m short of drinking water for the cattle in Hoo Wood and Riverside pastures.

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