Seeing both sides

Mount Etna

Today’s guest picture comes from our neighbour Bruce, who is on a tour of the Mediterranean and had temporarily come to rest on Mount Etna when he took this photograph.

Mount Etna

I woke up at six o’clock and saw the bright sunshine outside.  That looks like a good day for cycling, I thought, and rolled over and went back to sleep.  I finally got up at half past seven and got going at eight o’clock.  The sun was still out but a very brisk wind persuaded me that a dull three lap, twenty one mile trip up and down to Wauchope Schoolhouse would be the best policy.

My legs were inclined to agree that a flat route was best and even at that, they took the first seven miles at a very steady pace before they began to loosen up and co-operate.

Mrs Tootlepedal was up and about when I got back and very busy on washing and cleaning duties.  I helped by making sure that I wasn’t getting in her way at all while she worked.  The garden was looking worth a visit.

The individual poppies don’t last long but there is a good supply of new ones in the pipe line.

The perennial nasturtium (tropaeolum) which lives on the yew tree is developing well and it is at my favourite stage in its development.


Sandy has got back from his holiday in the Highlands, where he was blessed with excellent weather, and he joined us for coffee and a biscuit. He had got up at six o’clock and had done enough  already  to fill a normal morning if not a whole day.

When he left, I had a chance to watch the bird feeder for a while.

Sparrows old and young
Two goldfinches among the sparrows

After lunch, we got down to the main business of the day which was a visit to Edinburgh to see Matilda.  The weather was fine as we drove across to Lockerbie and took the train up Annandale….

Annandale and Edinburgh

…but by the time that we had left the station in Edinburgh and walked down Calton Road past this redeveloped brewery, the sun had long gone and it was raining heavily before we got to Matilda’s.

Things didn’t improve so there was no visit to the park but there was plenty of tower building and hand and foot painting to pass the time and when we were ready to leave, Matilda was in relaxed mood and ready for her bath.


Luckily it had stopped actually raining when we walked back to the station but it was a typically dour day in Edinburgh and we had to wait until we were nearly back at Lockerbie before we saw the sun again.

Edinburgh and Annandale

The drive home from Lockerbie was a real treat in the golden evening light and just goes to show what a difference living on the opposite side of a country can make.

The moon was out when we got home.

This was a random hand held shot.  The Lumix has a great zoom!

It was delightful seeing Matilda and her parents but it makes for a long day and a short post.

The flying bird of the day is  sparrow.

flying sparrow

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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

20 thoughts on “Seeing both sides

  1. Matilda looks exhausted, which might have been a good thing for mom and dad.
    I haven’t done much with the zoom on my new Lumix, but I do know that its macro won’t do the job. Instead of a dedicated macro mode it has intelligent auto, which over exposes everything.
    I hope to be planting poppies soon.

      1. Mine is the DMC-TZ60 and suits me very well except for the difficulty with the close focussing whihc is very annoying. It is great for cycling though when the range of the zoom comes in very handy.

  2. What an unusual looking flower, the nasturtium – rather origami-like. I like the shot of the sparrow – it looks very furtive!

  3. I am planning a trip (further) north from Sheffield on family related matters, that could include a visit to Langholm on either Friday July 01 or more likely Saturday 02. I would like to visit the Archive Centre to see if there are any records of my grandparents’ John (Jack) and Elizabeth Mitchell (apart from an entry in a Parish magazine from the early 1960s). If possible, I would like to meet up with you. Might that be possible. My e-mail address is:

    And no, you are not the beneficiary of an investment scheme that would require you to pay me money to receive proceeds from that scheme.

  4. Matilda is growing very fast! I love the photos of the countryside, including the old castles, which fascinate me. Things are looking quite green there and lovely.

    I only have a 3x zoom on my little Sony Cybershot. Not good for moon shots or distance photos, so I love to see what others have captured.

    Are the feeders back in full swing now? How is the bird illness epidemic now that better weather is here?

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