An unexpected visit


Today’s guest picture was sent to me a couple of days ago by my neighbour  Bruce, who is on his Mediterranean cruise.  It shows the island of Crete.  He adds that the temperature was 31 degrees C.


We returned to rather chillier times here today and the thermometer struggled to get over 13° .  As we don’t have the heating on and  I spent the first hour after breakfast putting a week of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database, I managed to get a bit chilly for the first time for several weeks.  It was a shock.

I was intending to go cycling but the cold weather and occasional drizzle tempted me to wait until things got better.

I did walk round the garden though.  It had rained a little overnight and the evidence was to be seen on all sides.

wet plants

Lilian Austin was not discouraged and brightened up a dull morning.

Lilian Austin rose

We had joiners in the kitchen, putting in a new door to the back stairs and my plan was to wait until they had finished, eat an early lunch and then pedal like mad in the afternoon.

I waited until they went, ate an early lunch, looked out of the kitchen window once or twice…

A rare moment with no sparrows in sight
White foxgloves
The white foxgloves beside the feeder attracted bees all day.

….and then looked at the gloomy weather and got rather too easily discouraged and in the end spent a wasted afternoon watching tennis and Royal Ascot on the telly.

I felt bad about this but not bad enough to leap up and do anything energetic about it.

I did walk round the garden from time to time though.

floral geometry
Hydrangea and candelabra primula provided examples of floral geometry
rosa moyesii
Rosa Moyesii stretching out
The alliums, going, going gone.
…to be replaced by campanulas very soon. This is the first of them.

I also glanced out of the kitchen window as I went to and fro between races.

collared dove
A collared dove dropped in

And then I went out again…

A hosta had collected some of the drizzle

…and in again….

The sparrows were back in force

…and out again to mow the front lawn, sieve some compost and look at more flowers.

It is hard to pass the peonies…

peony and astrantia

…and even harder to pass the astrantias without the shutter finger twitching.

When it comes to colour in the garden, this is a very good time of year.  There is more than just flowers to look at…

A spirea looking very cheerful

…though there are a lot of flowers about.

The dark blue delphiniums will be out very soon. These will do nicely meanwhile.

Mrs Tootlepedal came out and we put our new whirligig clothes pole up on the drying green…

drying green

…where it made a big improvement on our old one which had become so soggy and creaky with age that it was hardly able to keep the washing off the grass.

I was just shovelling the last of the sieved compost into the bin when a car drew up and out came our older son Tony, his partner Marianne and her son Dylan.  They were all looking very cheery, having enjoyed a wonderful fortnight of good weather in Cephalonia, one of the Ionian islands of the west coast of Greece.  They were on their way back to Edinburgh from Manchester Airport and it was a great pleasure to see them and catch up with their news.  Pictures from the trip will doubtless appear as future guest pictures of the day.

We offered them a meal but they didn’t stop long as Tony was anxious to get home to see his many dogs who, he was sure, will have been missing him a lot.  He has certainly been missing them.

We are getting very near to midsummer day so even at seven o’clock on a rather gloomy day there was still enough light to see a greenfinch after they had left.


I am hoping to be a little more active tomorrow but at present quite a lot of my get up and go and has got up and gone.   Luckily Mrs Tootlepedal has more than enough energy for both of us.

The flying bird of the day is two sparrows.

two flying sparrows

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27 thoughts on “An unexpected visit

  1. I like the shot of the white foxgloves with the out of focus background – it would make a lovely notecard. Hope your get up and go comes back, although thirteen degrees is enough to keep it away until the heat returns.

  2. I am sorry you had a cold damp day today – 13 degrees isn’t very warm at all. The garden flowers are very beautiful and I like the shot of the Collared Dove very much.

  3. Today’s guest picture reminded me about the only sunstroke I have ever had…on Crete. I hope your get up and go will get up and come back shortly.

  4. What a shame we can’t share our warmth with you. Today’s high was probably around 95 degrees and by Monday it should be around 100. I think it is supposed to go back into the 80s after that.

  5. The flowers are becoming more beautiful every day if that’s possible! It was nice of your son and family to stop in for a visit, I’m looking forward to a few guest photos from their trip.

  6. That was very nice to have a visit from Tony, Marianne and Dylan – look forward to some guest photographs from their holiday in due course.

  7. Interesting new flower on the drying green.
    You were lucky to have 13 degrees yesterday. In Inverness-shire I doubt it made it into double figures. Back home now, where it’s a really respectable 20 degrees.

  8. The get up and go quote is what my grandma used to say. Am chuffed to hear it is said in Scotland, as well. But I am sorry you are having that feeling. She didn’t like it, either.

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