All action


Today’s guest picture comes from Bruce’s tour of the Mediterranean.  This is Dubrovnik.


My plan was to get up early and go for a cycle ride before the wind got too strong and I managed to get up quite early and go for a cycle ride but the wind was pretty strong anyway.

As I went for another ride in the afternoon and a walk in the evening, my day was pretty full and for some unknown reason, I am a bit tired when it comes to writing this post so I hope any mild incoherence will be pardoned by indulgent readers.

Needless to say, I took far too many pictures as it was a fine day from start to finish so there are a lot of mash ups as well to go with the babbling today.

The 40 mile morning ride involved dappled lanes…

Near Justicetown

…and main roads lined with buttercups and daisies…

A7 wild flowers

…and went well, if a trifle slowly because of the breeze.

I got home by mid day and wandered round the garden.  Things were glowing…

poppy and crown princess margareta

…really glowing…

orange hawkweed

…and I would have shown you some nice ripe strawberries if someone hadn’t eaten them.

There seem to be more bees and other insects about every day.


 A sharp eyed reader noticed a small green bug on a photo of a lupin the other day.  When I looked at the lupins today, there were more of them about (bugs not sharp eyed readers).


Little green bugs must like lupins.

After lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal was in the mood for a trip to Canonbie for a cup of tea and a scone at the community cafe in the church there.  The wind had eased off a fraction and as the road to Canonbie runs along the bottom of the Esk valley beside the river, it is well sheltered and we got down in good order.  I went for the chocolate cake which was very good.

We stopped on the way back for an occasional photo opportunity.  A field near the village was being used for making silage and the machine was just starting to collect and bale the mowed grass as we went past on the way down.  By the time we had had our tea and come back on the way home, they had almost finished.

silage making

A task that might have taken many men all day in times gone past was now almost finished by one man and a machine in 36 minutes.

We saw some ragged robin and our first orchid of the year beside the road on our way, a welcome sight, and a huge giant hogweed beside the Esk in Langholm, a much less welcome development.

ragged robin, hogweed and orchid

There was time for a look at the birds….

redpoll and goldfinch
Plenty of colour from a redpoll and a goldfinch

….and another cup of tea when we got back from this thirteen mile excursion before Sandy arrived for the walk.  Mrs Tootlepedal gave us a lift in the car to our starting point, a mile out of town and then Sandy and I walked up a favourite track, along the hill and back down the Kirk Wynd into the town.  Although only about a mile and half in length, it was a walk of great variety.

It was still a lovely day and the brisk wind had the double benefit of keeping us pleasantly cool and keeping the midges away. It could hardly have been a better evening for a stroll.

We snapped away as we went along.

There were my favourite three trees, still standing although they have hardly enough wood to make one whole trunk between the three of them…

three trees

…there were views…

Ewes valley
Looking up the Ewes valley

…which changed in colour as the clouds rolled by over head.

Ewes valley

And there were views of clouds…

cloud over the monument

…but the weather stayed fine and after looking at as many growing things as we could…

wild flowers

…the sun was still shining as we dropped back down the Kirk Wynd into the High Street.

Kirk Wynd

I did try a little black and white on the way.

gate in black and white

…but when we got to the High Street, it was red all the way as Sandy kindly treated me to a glass of wine in The Eskdale Hotel to celebrate his birthday yesterday.

After this enjoyable pause, Sandy went off to the Archive Centre to do a little work and I rolled home across the suspension bridge, nodding to Mr Grumpy on the way.

He was feeling the breeze.

In the midst of all this activity, I didn’t have time to catch a flying bird so I have put in two chaotic bird mixtures instead.

bird mixes


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16 thoughts on “All action

  1. Glad we got to the Canonbie Community Cafe before you as you may have eaten all the chocolate cake.

  2. It’s nice to see all the bees. It seems to depend on which plant you visit if you are to see them here.
    I’m always shocked by your roadside orchids. I’ve spent years searching for our native orchids and could almost count on one hand those I’ve found.
    I think my favorite shot in this post is of the cloud coming up behind the hill.

  3. What a full day no wonder you were tired! The cloud is impressive and I like the photo of the High Street as you approach it down the Kirk Wynd. I haven’t seen that view before; I think I would always want to enter the town that way!

  4. It’s easy to understand why you were tired after two cycle rides and a walk, plus all the work that your finger did pressing the shutter release to capture so many great photos! ll the images are wonderful, but my favorites are the landscapes and the B&W gate.

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