Postponed precipitation

Iceland waterfall

Today’s wonderful guest picture is another from my nephew Dan’s visit to Iceland and I put it in as a tribute to Iceland’s victory over the England football team.  Their win was almost as overwhelming as these falls.

Iceland waterfall

We have been promised rain for two days now so I got up early and was out and back from a twenty mile bike ride in time to welcome Dropscone round for coffee.  He has been in Majorca on holiday where he enjoyed a full week of sunshine.  It was good to have him back….and his scones too of course.

I even had time for a look round the garden before he arrived.

New irises have arrived.  Mrs Tootlepedal tells me that these are Dutch irises unlike the iris Siberica which are pretty well over now.

iris and clematis
Two of the irises with a clematis in the middle

The red campion from our friend Jenny’s garden is looking very beautiful.

red campion

There was a spot of rain just as Dropscone arrived but it was  a false alarm and when he went off to play golf, I went out for a stroll round Gaskell’s and Easton’s Walks.  The New Hampshire Gardener has helpfully suggested a means of getting properly focussed  close ups with my Lumix as I was struggling a bit with this and I put his advice into action.  I need a bit more practice but some of the results were quite good.

I started as soon as I could while walking along the road.

A rather handsomely coloured nettle at Meikleholm
slow worms
The slow worms were clustered in large numbers at Pool Corner

When I got to the track, the greenery was  very green.

Gaskell's walk

I snapped away furiously as I went along.

rose and rosebay willowherb
The roses are very pretty and the rosebay willowherb will make a fine splash of colour soon.

The tracks were lined with grasses and other plants which I cannot name.


And various spiky things too.

spiky things
Some past and some potential

More delicate flowers were to be seen.

pink flower and ragged robin
I don’t know what the little pink flower on the left is. The other is ragged Robin.

The meadow at the Stubholm was a treat, even on a dull day.


When I got back to the Park, I saw a ripple in the Wauchope Water.  It was made by a dipper which was doing some very energetic dipping.

Dipper in wauchope

The weather defied the forecast and stayed dry until well after lunch which let Mrs Tootlepedal do some gardening and let me take some pictures of the annual cornflowers.  One came with added greenfly.


The garden needs some rain after our long dry spell so Mrs Tootlepedal was pleased when it finally arrived (though slightly less pleased that the washing was still hanging out). Our neighbour Liz came to our aid when she realised what the situation was and rushed across the road to warn us so we got it in without much  additional dampness.

The rain didn’t interrupt any great plans as we were safely indoors watching Andy Murray play his first round match at Wimbledon.

I had had a look out of the window before we settled down but as there were no interesting birds to be seen, I took a picture of the floral view from the kitchen instead.

feeder flowers

I had another look when the match was over.

A greenfinch checking things out.

Earlier today, Mrs Tootlepedal remarked on the fact that we hadn’t seen the sparrowhawk for a long time and by a strange coincidence, she spotted one this evening perched in our variegated elder.


It stayed long enough for me to fetch my camera but wouldn’t pose in the open and flew off without catching anything.

The rain continued for the rest of the day but the winds remained very light so once again, we have been lucky.  I am thinking of renaming the local weather forecast as “Project Fear”.

Talking of which, the political situation remains farcical with prominent promoters of the Leave campaign saying that of course they didn’t mean all those things which people who voted for leave might have thought that they meant and they are sure that the people who might have believed them realised that they didn’t really mean them.

On the other side, the people who promoted the Remain campaign with prophecies of absolute economic meltdown are now going round saying, “Everything is firmly under control, nothing to see here, move along.”  It might make you laugh if it didn’t make you cry.

On a mildly amusing note, Conservative politicians who have been telling Scots that there can be no possible need for another referendum on independence ever after the ‘decisive’ vote two years ago are now busy floating the idea of another EU referendum very soon so that the voters can get it right this time.

Ah well.

The flying bird of the day is a young sparrow.

flying sparrow


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27 thoughts on “Postponed precipitation

    1. That’s a nice thought but it covers up a lot of things which are not being done well here; education, local government and transport policy to name but a few.

  1. A beautiful view of the falls in Iceland!

    The Scottish countryside is looking very green and colorful. Ours will be turning brown soon. Our grass turns brown in summer and green in winter. Our bee count is still down, but we are hard at work getting more flowering forage planted that survives in dry season.

    Your cornflower portfolio is beautiful. The late singer-songwriter Kate Wolf wrote a song called “Cornflower Blue”. I think of her song every time I see photos of one.

    Love the slow worms. We don’t have them here, so I was glad to learn of this unique species through your earlier posts.

    My scone experiment this morning was not a complete failure. Still edible, but I am tweaking the recipe to work around some food allergies, namely dairy and eggs now. Back to the drawing board. Speaking of dairy, I miss my hot tea with lots of cream in the morning. It was one of life’s greatest pleasures.

  2. The little pink flower is Herb-Robert, otherwise known as Stinking Bob! The bottom left of the quartet of grasses etc is a Dock but I’m not sure which one. Great pictures of the Dipper!

  3. That’s quite a waterfall that your nephew got a photo of. Iceland is a beautiful place.
    I was going to suggest herb Robert for the mystery flower as well.
    The view of the garden from the kitchen is a very beautiful one.
    I was using the trick of focusing on the back of my hand this afternoon and it seemed to work well. The trouble is, I really shouldn’t have to trick a camera into taking the photo that I want.

  4. So many beautiful flowers from both your walk and in the garden that I can’t pick a favorite today. It was also nice to see the dipper and the slow worms again.

    If I remember correctly, Britain struggled with joining the EU in the first place, and held out until just a couple of decades ago. The whole thing is crazy, almost as bad as it is here in the States with our choice for the next president either a pompous ass or a lying crook out to line her own pockets.

    1. Who is to blame in the US if you think that your leading politicians are no use? That seems to be the pertinent question. What have the voters being thinking of for the past twenty or thirty years? What should be done? Change the politicians or get a new set of voters?

  5. The whole post Brexit situation is so uncertain, but I sense Scotland will go for the independence. Magnificent meadow view and plentiful of beautiful flowers. The cornflowers are my favourites this time.

    1. I don’t know how it would work if England doesn’t permit free movement and if it does permit free movement then 17 million people aren’t going to be very happy.

  6. I think the pink flower is Herb Robert. Great photo of all of those slow worms. There is so much political “B.S.” flying around at the moment I think we’ll all need to invest in bigger shovels! Thank goodness for Mrs T’s glorious garden to cheer us all up.

  7. An uplifting post with wonderful photos of your garden, the slowworms wriggling, the cornflowers, the dipper and that waterfall! Takes my mind off the political landscape for a while. Thank you!

  8. Where does the time go? I’ve just flown through your blog’s weekly digest, and, yet again, realise what daily treats I am missing by not reading your posts every day! I salute your seemingly endless talent at keeping these daily offerings so fresh and entertaining. Cheers. ( Now I’m late yet again! Doah! )

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