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majorcan bird

Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone’s recent visit to Majorca.  He was very proud to have seen a bird while he was there and this is it.

majorcan bird

I might have gone for a cycle ride this morning but I was waylaid by an offer of treacle scones and settled for mowing two lawns instead.  It was good to get a sunny gap between showers that went on long enough for things to dry out and make the grass mowable.

Dropscone arrived on cue with the treacle scones and told me terrible stories of losing three balls in one hole at a golf competition yesterday.  It is that sort of talk that makes me quite pleased that I had to give the game up.

As well as mowing the grass, I had a look about for new flowers and Mrs Tootlepedal pointed me in the direction of an Alstroemeria.


The candelabra primulas are coming to the end of their run but are still showing how they got their name.

candelabra primulas

Our royal roses enjoyed the dry spell too.

Crown Princess Margareta
Crown Princess Margareta (slightly the worse for wear)
Queen of Denmark
The Queen of Denmark (looking good).

On a smaller scale Rosa Goldfinch showed every stage of development in one cluster.

Rosa Goldfinch
From bud through bloom to dead head

The delphiniums glowed in the sunshine.


Mrs Tootlepedal has picked some of the cornflowers and put them in a vase in the kitchen so they added some interest when I went back inside.


The birds were very active once again and I watched them from the garden…

sparrows sparring
A siskin takes an interest in some sparrow sparring

…and through the kitchen window.


It was a day when the sparrows had to watch their backs.

siskin and sparrows

After lunch, I walked up to Pelosi’s Cafe in the Market Place to meet Edward Winter and his wife Anne.  Edward has been a regular commenter on the blog over the past few years and as he had spent many happy holidays in his youth staying with his grandparents on a farm near Langholm, he thought that it would be an excellent idea to combine a visit to the town with a meeting with the author of the blog.

After we had introduced ourselves (Edward turns out to be a semi retired professor of sports science at Sheffield Hallam University) and had had a cuppa, we took a Pelosi’s ice cream cone in hand and set off to walk to Wauchope Cottage to view Mrs Tootlepedal’s garden.

No sooner had we set out than it started to rain so Edward and Anne fetched their car and drove round while I scuttled ahead on foot.  Other readers may want to note that they may have to work quite hard if they want to improve on Edward’s mode of transport while visiting.

Edward's Ferrari

This is the first Ferrari to park outside our gate since we came to live here.  We were impressed.

Fortunately the rain stopped as soon as they arrived and we were able to wander round the garden.  Mrs Tootlepedal was accompanied by a bee when she came to talk to us.


I took an opportunist snap of a lily which had come out since the early morning….

martagon lily

…and we went inside and thoroughly enjoyed a wide ranging conversation covering every topic from Brexit moaning to recollections of Langholm in the fifties and early sixties.  Like myself, Anne was a primary schoolteacher so we had a lot to share on that subject.

It was interesting and enjoyable to meet a couple whom we would never have met if Edward hadn’t stumbled on the blog by chance and I am hoping that this encounter will give rise to a few guest pictures of the day from Sheffield in weeks to come.

In the end we had to stop talking as it was time for them to leave and after we had waved goodbye, Mrs Tootlepedal returned to the hedge trimming which the rain had interrupted earlier.

Hedge trimming

In the evening, Mike and Alison came round and after Alison and I had played some Rameau and Telemann, we joined together and rejoiced as we watched the last few minutes of the game where Wales defeated Belgium in the European Football Championships.  A member of the Welsh side put their success down to having a well worked out plan and sticking to it.  Perhaps some of our politicians could take note of this good idea.

The flower of the day is the second Shirley Poppy to appear this year…


…and the flying bird of the day is a sparrow.

flying sparrow




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22 thoughts on “The digital made flesh

  1. A lovely set of photos, and especially love Mrs. Tootlepedal’s bee that came along for some conversation. The delphiniums caught my eye as well as a possibility to try growing here.

  2. That’s a beautiful cornflower. I’ve never seen one colored like it.
    The Alstroemeria is a flower I’ve never seen in any color. It reminds me of freesias.
    That’s a perfect trim on the hedge and I would have been happy with it if I’d done it.

  3. It can be that looking forward to something, results in disappointment when it actually occurs. However, yesterday’s meeting in Langholm was one of those occasions when already high expectations were exceeded. Mrs Luscious and I had a delightful afternoon with Mr and Mrs Tootlepedal.

  4. I always wondered who could afford a Ferrari, now I know it is a semi retired professor of sports science, who would have thought?

    Anyway, loved the cornflower, delphiniums, and of course, the roses!

  5. Glad you had such an interesting conversation.
    Very impressed by the beautifully cut hedge.

  6. The “highway of hedge” is very impressive. That perspective makes your yard (property/garden) look massive!

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