Nothing doing

Nottingham Castle

Today’s guest picture comes from a visit to Nottingham Castle by my brother Andrew.  No sign of the sheriff.

Nottingham Castle

For the first time in a while, I had a good night’s sleep and woke refreshed and invigorated.  It hardly needs saying that the weather gods had a really good laugh at this and made it rain from morning until night.

It was a thoroughly depressing day meteorologically speaking but I enjoyed myself in a very quiet sort of way in spite of it.

I sneaked out in a light drizzle to snap some raindrops.

The first ligularia blooms had collected a few.
opium poppy
A new poppy had collected some more.
A spirea got into the act.
But the winner was a nasturtium.

That was the high spot of the morning and luckily the afternoon was provided with rich entertainment in the form of a very exciting stage of the Tour de France and if you want to see something really out of the usual, try to find a clip of Chris Froome speeding down the last hill of the day (Stage 8).

I did occasionally look out of the kitchen window but with the town firmly in the grip of low cloud, the light wasn’t very helpful.

I am always pleased to see a greenfinch
A rather ruffled goldfinch

And that was the total excitement for the day.  It felt more like midwinter than midsummer but to be fair, it was almost warm enough for the time of year.

The forecast offers us some cool but sunny weather next week so in the meantime, we can look forward to that.

The flower of the day is a vase of cornflowers in the kitchen.  Mrs Tootlepedal has some in her ‘cutting garden’ and they certainly brightened a dull day up.


The flying  bird of the day is a suitably gloomy siskin.



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21 thoughts on “Nothing doing

  1. Thanks for the shot of the cornflowers – they are very cheery indeed, and most welcome. It’s raining here as well, and when I last checked, we’d had 2 1/2″ already. Ick.

  2. Some days are like that and sometimes the rain is welcome. We’re having our first good rain in a month here this weekend.
    I never knew that cornflowers came in such a variety of colors, probably because I was most interested in the blue. They’re very pretty.

  3. We had a similarly cold and rainy day here yesterday, but the rain is so welcome that it was delightful. It’s all relative, I guess.

  4. My favorite flower photo is the nasturtium. We eat those, using the leaves and flowers as edible garnish. Beautiful and spicy, I have to check carefully for earwigs who like to use the blooms as homes.

  5. My favourite is the beautiful close up of the poppy but all the flowers look lovely with water droplets on them. I’m sorry your energetic feelings weren’t rewarded with a fine day for cycling/walking. I enjoyed your lovely gallery of shots though. 🙂

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