Back in the saddle

Today’s guest picture is another from my sister Mary’s holiday in the Lake District last month.  She describes it as, “Another compulsory bridge.”

Another compulsory bridge

The weather improved a good deal today and I was able to walk up to the High Street  without any rainwear on to take my turn dispensing information to tourists at our visitor centre there.  On this occasion, I actually did dispense some information to tourists, though only a modest number, it must be said (two).

However, there was an art exhibition of works by the local Art Club and people came in to see the paintings, Dropscone dropped in for a chat and my relief arrived well before his appointed time so the time fairly whizzed by.

When I got home, I walked round the garden.

The rose, Bobbie James, recommended in a recent TV gardening programme is beginning to show why the presenter liked it.

rosa Bobbie james

It was soon time for lunch so I went in, stopping to look at the birds….

The demand for seed was as insistent as yesterday

…and afterwards I mowed the middle lawn before the grass got too long to manage easily.    It was surprisingly and gratifyingly firm after the recent rain so credit must go to Lorne who helped me a great deal with the spiking last autumn.

I’ll have to mow the front lawn tomorrow or people may get lost in the long grass.  I should have done it today but the need for a cycle ride to stretch my legs was more pressing.

It was dry, cloudy and pleasantly warm but very windy so I approached the ride with some trepidation.  However, I chose my route well and after a tough first three miles butting straight into the wind, the rest of the twenty mile circuit was much easier with the wind either behind or across for the most part and some good shelter from banks and hedges when it was in my face.

I didn’t take many pictures en route as when it is windy, I have either got my head well down and don’t notice much or I am going to fast to see things in time to stop.

I did see a brilliant flash of red beside the road soon after I started though and even went back to check what it was.  Brilliant flashes of red often turn out to be drinks cans rather than flowers and although this wasn’t a flower, at least it wasn’t a discarded can.

dock leaf

I don’t think that I could meet a much redder leaf than this one.

When I got home, I walked round the garden with Mrs Tootlepedal.  She had been busy all day painting our old downstairs shower room which is being converted to a utility room for the washing machine and was pleased to take a break.

As the day had warmed up and the garden had dried out, there was plenty to look at.

astrantia and martagon lily
Plants are developing all the time

New lilies are opening.


Hostas are bursting into flower.


Moss and rambler roses are coming into their own.

moss rose rambler rose

And one of the many cornflowers and the Fuchsia on the back wall shone out.

cornflower and Fuchsia

I picked a few strawberries and was more than happy to find some in good condition after the rain and then I looked at the blackcurrants.  They were ready to pick and Mrs Tootlepedal and I cleared the bush off.  They haven’t been netted but the birds had left us plenty and they will soon be converted to blackcurrant jelly.

I should mention that we have had to eat strawberries nearly every day for what seems like weeks but we are bearing up bravely.

After tea, I went to off to play trios with Mike and Isabel.  The events of the day in the political world have been so extraordinary that we spent some time putting the world to rights before we started to play but once we got going, we had an enjoyable musical evening.  Mrs Tootlepedal tells me that Mike’s wife occasionally glances at the blog so I will take this opportunity to mention that not only are Mike’s political views very sound  but he also  played very well tonight (as he always does of course).

The flower of the day is a knapweed.  It is a wonderfully complex thing when looked at closely.


And the flying bird of the day is a siskin.

flying siskin

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22 thoughts on “Back in the saddle

  1. That white rose is pretty. I hope it’s fragrant as well.
    The spotted lily is also pretty. I’ve never seen it.
    Our knapweed is in full bloom too. I’ve got to try the new camera on it.
    I like your sister’s choice of bridges. I would have loved to had the chance to help build such an eye pleasing thing.

  2. The flowers are looking lovely, especially the Bobbie James rose. Do you have problems with black spot fungus of roses? Curious if this variety is resistant. With your cool, wet climate, if it is doing well, it might be.

    I am always impressed with Mrs. Tootlepedal’s energy. She takes on a lot between gardens and house.

    The flying bird of the day presents a dramatic side to landing.

  3. On most days, how much you do amazes me, I’d have a hard time keeping up. But Mrs. T should be hooked to the grid as a never ending source of energy!

    I loved all the new flowers that are beginning to bloom now, I hope that we get to see more of them in future posts.

    1. It is true, Mrs T is a great worker. There is every chance that you will see lots of garden flower pictures as the birds are not very interesting at the moment.

  4. Bobbie James was an excellent choice of rose, very pretty. You have a most attractive garden full of interesting plants and beautiful colours. As usual I enjoyed the flower of the day.

  5. The Bobbie James rose is a beauty and if it is also fragrant it is one I’d like to have. I have lost a lot of my sense of smell since getting asthma and having to use inhalers every day.

  6. I’m so sorry you have to endure so many strawberries, Tom! 😉 You must be very brave… That is a lovely bright red leaf. It reminds me of the bright red fallen gum leaves that I see sometimes on my walking paths. Sometimes leaves can be just as pretty as flowers. I’m enjoying all the lovely flowers from your garden and wanders. I will savour them as I know that the cooler weather is coming again all too soon.

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