A purposeful day


Today’s guest picture is another from my brother’s visit to Flamborough Head last month.  He was hoping to see many puffins but they were few and far between.  He did see this one standing rather implausibly on a very steep cliff face.


I had several plans for the day and most of them required some decent weather so it was very fortunate that we did indeed have a fine, dry day.

I started out with a tour of the garden with Mrs Tootlepedal for the purposes of plant dead heading.  I made a brief diversion to finish turning the compost from Bin C into Bin D and next in line (you may have guessed this if you are paying attention) will be turning the compost from Bin B into the now empty Bin C.

Sandy came round for coffee, taking a break from some extensive decorating that he is doing at home and when he left, Mrs Tootlepedal and I set about making some more compost.  She has been doing some large scale tidying up in the garden and we got the petrol shredder out and turned the debris into some good looking compost (it went into Bin A).

Then I mowed the front lawn.  Later in the day, I leaned out of upstairs windows and took pictures of the front and middle lawns and some of the  beds around them.

Front lawn

Middle lawn

By then Mrs Tootlepedal had been round with the lawn edger which always makes things look better.

Having done the compost shifting, the shredding and the lawn mowing, the afternoon was free for a cycle ride.

I walked round the garden with camera in hand before I went.

cosmos and marigold
The cosmos and marigold are pretty but they are a reminder that the year is moving towards autumn
nasturtium and achillea
Nasturtium and achillea
Rosa Bobbie James
Rosa Bobbie James with plenty more blossoms to come

The cardoon is growing ever bigger.  The leaves have a wingspan of at least six feet and the flower is now looking me straight in the eye.   Mrs Tootlepedal and I are being slightly haunted by thoughts of The Little Shop of Horrors.


I put the camera down, cleaned my chain and pumped up my tyres and set off.  The wind was lighter than yesterday so I ventured a little further and took time to stop and record some of the wayside flowers as I went.

An orchid and a cloud of unidentified yellow stuff
An orchid and a cloud of unidentified yellow stuff
Another little yellow fellow and pretty in pink
Another little yellow fellow and pretty in pink

Unfortunately at some stage I must have put my thumb on the lens of the Lumix because I found that I had a wonderful collection of blurry images instead of fetching pictures of banks of meadowsweet and clover lining the roads.

I did get my phone out to record a striking bank of vetch.


The roads were sprinkled with vetch for much of my trip.


With the wind in a more friendly mood, I managed my thirty miles today at a slightly better average speed than I achieved over  the twenty miles yesterday.  As far as I am concerned as a cyclist, the wind is a much bigger factor than distance when it comes to enjoying or not enjoying a ride as much as you would like.

I had a last look round the flowers and spotted two more flowers that signal the turning of the year, pink and white phlox.


Mrs Tootlepedal weeded round the gooseberry bush and I picked enough of the fruit to have a plate of stewed gooseberries for my supper.  I like gooseberries but Mrs Tootlepedal doesn’t so I shall just have to eat them all myself.  What a dreadful fate.

In the evening, Sandy came round and we went off to the Archive Centre for the first time for several weeks.  Annoyingly, although my computer connected to the wi-fi hotspot without any trouble and I was able to enter some data, Sandy’s laptop wouldn’t oblige at all for some unfathomable reason so we didn’t stay as long as we planned.  All the same, some work was done and we rewarded ourselves with the traditional refreshment at the Eskdale Hotel afterwards.

The flower of the day is a poppy….


…and the flying bird is a sideways siskin.

flying siskin

I will try to find more time for staring out of the window and get some better flying bird shots.  Recent ones have been pretty poor.



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28 thoughts on “A purposeful day

  1. The cardoon does look a bit threatening. Has it previously shown any intent of aggression? 🙂

    I love the wide view of the gardens from the window. Beautifully laid out, neat and colorful.

  2. Every time I see a bird’s eye view of the gardens I feel like I’m reading a gardening magazine, and they should be in one.
    It’ll be interesting to see what the cardoon flower looks like. I’ve never seen one.
    It seems too early for phlox, but I guess not. Goldenrod is starting to bloom here and that means the same thing that phlox does.

  3. I’m sure that even the cardoon is no match for Attila the gardener if it becomes more threatening. 😉

    It’s always nice to see the wider shots of the garden, especially from above. While all the individual flowers are beautiful alone, seeing the wider shots puts the entire garden into context and shows us just how skilled Mrs. T is in her choices of what to plant and where.

  4. I have been off-line for a few days so I am reading the recent posts first. Your garden is immaculate – you both must work hard to keep it that way. I like the views of the garden from above and the flower photos are lovely.

      1. Thank-you Tom – yes all is well. Busy time at home followed by loss of phone line with no internet! We are now away from home for a few days with intermittent wifi.

  5. I hope that’s a seat at the bottom of your garden so you can both sit and enjoy your beautiful estate. Love the puffin photo too.

  6. I would call your “yellow stuff” yellow bedstraw, but properly it’s Galium verum. I also love the big shots of the gardens and the attacking cardoon (I had to look that one up; had no idea what a cardoon was).

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