Fringe benefits

Salisbury Cathedral

Today’s guest picture is the last from our days of guests in the south.  Sally and Richard took us to see Salisbury Cathedral which was looking at its best on a glorious afternoon.

Salisbury Cathedral

Our weather here was far from glorious today but there was a lot to do so we ignored it.  Attila the gardener was attacking a philadelphus with enormous vigour and a pair of sharp loppers and I spent some time collecting the debris and shredding as much as I could.

I did find a moment to consider once again what a variety of poppies came out of Mrs Tootlepedal’s two mixed packets of seed.

mixed poppies

Even two growing side by side have slight differences.

mixed poppies

The bees don’t mind though.  They love them all.

poppy and bee

The chief business of the day was a visit to Edinburgh to see Matilda and her parents and on this occasion instead of going to Lockerbie, we drove to Tweedbank and caught a train on the Borders Railway.

It takes a little longer but there are many more trains to choose from so we were able to give ourselves a little time in the city before going to see TWGSP.

Mrs Tootlepedal did some shopping and I wandered up to the Royal Mile.  The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is in full swing and part of the street is closed to traffic and open to fringe performers and artists of all sorts.  It is a popular venue.

Royal Mile

Apart from the pervasive commercial advertising for the sponsor, it was a cheerful scene.

There were clowns of course (there always are).

festival fringe

And people doing curious things.

festival fringe

There was no room for shrinking violets among those pushing their shows.

festival fringe

There were some surprises.

festival fringe

The most impressive thing that I saw was not among the artists.

festival fringe

The pilot of this pedal rickshaw had just pedalled his two passengers up The Mound, a fearsomely steep hill.  He was very pleased to be detained by a traffic light at the top.

The doorway of St Giles Cathedral looked down on all the fun and games.

st Giles

I met up with Mrs Tootlepedal and we went off to spend a very pleasant few hours with Matilda.  Included in the fun was a trip to the shops.

The weather was not any better in Edinburgh than in Langholm

The sheer joy that Matilda gets from being wheeled round the shop in a supermarket trolley brightened up the grey day though.

A light installation under the railway viaduct over our road back to Waverley Station was quite bright too.


The trip ended on a rather downbeat note as we drove home from Tweedbank through persistent drizzle as the light faded but we got home safely (and just in time to watch some of the track cycling events from the Olympics).

The flower of the day is a multiple in a colourful corner.

phlox and astrantia


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30 thoughts on “Fringe benefits

  1. The carving on St Giles Cathedral doorway is wonderfully intricate and the poppies are a real treat. I’m pleased you enjoyed your time with Matilda. I love her pink hat and coat.

  2. Another lovely post, Tom! I am always excited to see what’s growing in your garden and amazed at the ancient architecture that surrounds you. Thank you for sharing in your posts each day!

  3. That seems like a wonderful little festival! I bet Matilda did enjoy herself quite a bit.

    The poppies are very lovely, especially framed as a threesome. Your gardens are still quite colorful and cheery, no matter what the weather. Ours hit the high 80s today, with 95 degrees in the forecast for Friday.

  4. Oh, I’m so jealous; I’ve always wanted to go to the Fringe – thanks for sharing your photos of it. I believe the show “Stomp” got its start there. And of course, the poppies are wonderful too.

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