Gloom brightened by some gold

Inverary castle

Today’s guest picture shows Inverary Castle in spring this year.  It was sent to me by ‘Garden Tour’ Nancy from Washington State, USA.  She met us in May with her husband Phil when they stopped at Langholm on a tour of Britain  before going on to the Highlands.

Inverary castle

We enjoyed, if that is the right word, another miserable, grey, drizzly and often windy day.  It was only suitable for eating treacle scones so it was lucky that it was Friday and Dropscone arrived with a good supply.  We shared them with Sandy who joined us for coffee.

After they left,  I had a quick whizz round the garden to do some dead heading and take some snaps.  The light was too poor for good flower pictures even at midday.  The only colour in the day was courtesy of Mrs Tootlepedal.

Mobs of marigolds.  One of these may not be a marigold.
Flocks of phlox. One of these may not be phlox.
Both sides of the drive
Both sides of the drive

Once again, the authorities, anxious to keep us happy, had provided a never ending flow of Olympic events to keep us happy while we kept out of the drizzle.  A steady supply of medals of various colours for our contenders kept us entertained royally.

I did feel the need for a little exercise after several hours of sofa surfing so I braved the drizzle and went for a walk in the afternoon.

There were no views to be had…


…but I had chosen a sheltered route….

Gaskell's walk

…so it wasn’t too bad.

There was plenty to look at even if taking pictures in the wind and the rain was a bit tricky.

wild flowers

The heather is coming out which always brightens this time of year up and the convolvulus is looking very perky too.

Convolvulus and heather

It is the season of berries.

raspberries and tree berry

I ate some of them.

The drizzle was quite gentle and I was going to extend my walk until the wind got up again and the drizzle turned to sheets of rain for a while and so I turned for home.  I passed a bracket fungus.

bracket fungus

…nodded at the fine potentilla along the dam…


…and crashed back onto the sofa for the rest of the day.  The weather should get a bit better from tomorrow.

There is no flying bird or flower of the day today but as we have a new family of young blackbirds in the garden at present, here is the perching bird of the day.


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30 thoughts on “Gloom brightened by some gold

  1. The flowers seem to be liking the rain.
    I like the cloudy landscape. Such sights are rare here this year.
    I don’t recognize that fungus; I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like it.
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen potentilla bloom as well as those ones are. I wonder if they are constantly watered there.

    1. The potentillas are not watered at all except by mother nature. Mrs Tootlepedal hasn’t given them special care. She says that they are just ‘good doers’.

  2. The blackbird bairn is very cute. Sounds like your weather was very like ours today…though we’re settling for our clouds having silver linings to brighten us up; gold ris proving a tad illusive

  3. Lovely picture of Inverary castle.
    A fine collection of colourful flowers in your garden to brighten up the day.

  4. Like your ‘quiz’ of mobs and flocks with their vibrant colours and love the misty landscape photo. Looks like autumn is just round the corner! Hope you enjoyed the cycling successes yesterday- very exciting!

  5. After having more rain and gloom than seemed good for us until recently we could now do with a rainy day like you had yesterday. Never happy! I enjoyed your walk with the low cloud and no view. The fungus is very impressive.

  6. If the tomatoes, basil and beans weren’t expressing such joy at the hot dry weather, I would welcome your rainy days. The scene with the dark clouds was beautiful. Temperatures in the mid 90s prevailed in my part of Oregon yesterday, and one could have fried an egg on the hood of my car. I am spending much more time spot watering right now, and would love to see clouds like the ones in that photo right about now. No hail, please!

    I particularly like the way those very colorful flowers are framed and presented. Always adds brightness to the day. These would be works of art on any wall.

    The scone and coffee reports always bring a smile.

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