Here comes the sun

hungry horse

Today’s guest picture comes from my friend Bruce who was at an event at Netherby hall when he spotted a horse which looked as though it could do with a square meal.

hungry horse

We were promised sun today and we got sun today.  It was most welcome.

A perfectly white poppy had appeared to greet the sunshine and I was not the only one who found it attractive.

white poppy

The garden was a blaze of colour.

poppy, marigolds, rowan and sunflowers

We made the most of the fine weather and spent the morning collecting up the clippings from a philadelphus that Mrs Tootlepedal has been pruning and adding them to a huge pile of apple prunings and other by-products of garden tidying until we had a pile almost as tall as ourselves.  At that point we paused for a cup of coffee and then we got out the big shredder and in half an hour we had reduced the pile to some very acceptable material for composting.

While we were in action, we were visited by the minister whose coffee detector was in full working order and when we had finished, we joined him for a biscuit and some theological discussion while he sipped his coffee.

Mrs Tootlepedal has two buddleia plants and before we started the shredding, I checked one of them out.

small tortoiseshell butterfly

It had attracted a small tortoiseshell butterfly.

After we had finished shredding, I checked out the other buddleia.

buddleia with white, tortoiseshell, red admiral and peacock butterflies
A full house of white, tortoiseshell, red admiral and peacock butterflies

Mrs Tootlepedal spotted five members of our new blackbird family sunning themselves on a hedge but by the time that I got my camera organised, only this one was left.


We also noticed this little bird on the lawn.


It looks like a young robin which would be very good.  I haven’t seen any adult robins lately in the garden so I don’t know where it has come from.

Every time I looked at the buddleias, there seemed to be more butterflies and bees on them

butterfly and bee

This is very gratifying as the buddleias were planted to attract butterflies and bees.

After lunch, we fell into the trap of just having a glance at the telly to see if the Olympics were on and an hour or so later, I managed to tear myself away and mow the grass round the greenhouse and the drying green.

When that was done, I went for a short walk.  You couldn’t complain about the views today…


…in fact, and I hardly like to say this, it was a bit hot so it was lucky that I had chosen a shady path for my stroll.

Pathhead track

Even the cows  on the Castleholm felt the need for some shade.

Castleholm cattle

There were things to see as I went along.


nettle and burr

I passed the wood carver’s workshop and saw some work in progress.

wood carving

Between the strong winds from earlier in the year and some tree diseases there are quite a lot of felled logs stacked up beside the track…

tree trunk I kept an eye out for fungus and saw these fine specimens.

oyster mushrooms

Signs of the end of summer were to be seen as well…

rosebay willowherb

..but it was a beautiful day to be out and about.

My walk had to be short becuase it was the day for my flute pupil Luke to come for his weekly lesson and I just got back in time.

We had a good session and then, after a meal of beef stew which had been cooking during the day in the slow cooker, I went out for some more music with Mike and Isabel.  This was a splendid way to round off an excellent day.

I tried to catch a flying butterfly of the day but they were too nippy for me so I will settle for a flower of the day.

white poppy
Mrs Tootlepedal shooed the insects away while I took this picture


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23 thoughts on “Here comes the sun

  1. I had to listen to that song when I read the title. It’s as good now as it was then.
    I like that horse weldment and the woodcarver’s carving.
    That’s a great crop of butterflies on the buddleia. Butterfly bush is a good name for it.
    The white mushrooms on the tree look like oyster mushrooms, maybe fall oysters. They cause white rot in living trees, so they are not a good sign if it’s alive.

  2. An action packed day as usual, and a very fine poppy to finish with. Glad the buddleias are doing so well.

  3. I must say it is such a treat to visit your blog and see what you post each time. Your pictures are a delight and the captions fit so beautifully. I can just tell there is a very creative person behind this blog and I feel honored to be your followers here on Word Press..

    These pictures as always are just amazingly superb… Take care, from Laura

  4. I have to agree with the others, in a post filled with great photos, the white poppy stands out above them all! It seems to glow with an inner light and looks so fragile at the same time.

    I also liked all the butterflies and the work of the woodcarver.

  5. The horse reminds me of the amazing puppetry in the National Theatre production of ‘War Horse’ , which I saw by way of live transmission at my local cinema and then travelled to Cardiff to see in the flesh when the company were appearing there, a couple of years ago.

  6. So many beautiful and interesting photos! The Poppy of the Day is so crisp and pristine looking. The buddleia are gorgeous, and we have a few here as well. The main bloom time here for them has passed now that the real heat is upon us.

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