In training


Today’s guest pictures were sent to me by Langholm exile Tom and show that the South Africans are just as good at spoiling beautiful scenery with power lines as we are.


We enjoyed the last day of our good weather today and I had a busy but uneventful time.

It started when Sandy came round to borrow my trimmer to trim his entries for the Canonbie Flower Show (who rather annoyingly use a non standard size for their entries).

Then I popped out for a quick 20 mile bicycle ride (and because of the very light wind, it was quite quick by my standards).

Then there was time to look round the garden and see some of the new flowers which have arrived, some quite routine…


…and others, more exciting.

The first hint of colour in the cardoons

There is a lot of colour in one of the beds along the front lawn.

Special Grandma at her best
Special Grandma at her best
dahlia and astrantia
dahlia and astrantia

There are clematis flowers to be seen elsewhere.ย  One is a curious green and white affair where it is hard to tell the flowers from the leaves and the other is in the wrong place or so the gardener tells me.


And the Golden Syllabub has finally produced a reasonable bloom.

Golden Syllabub

So in spite of it being the season of berries…


…and seeds….

next years poppies
Next year’s poppies being prepared

…we are still in cheerful mood.

Especially as I ate the first plum of the year today.

The rest of the day was spent going to Edinburgh to visit Matilda, who was in excellent form.


A little football on the lawn revealed that she has an excellent left foot and can shoot straight.

We had a good time playing in her tiny garden and enjoyed a meal of various curries before walking back through the town in a very mellow evening light…

Calton Hill

…and catching the train home again.

Our drive from Lockerbie to Langholm was illuminated by a generous moon and I took a picture of it when we got home.

full moon

In fact, I took two pictures with different exposures and very different results.

Full moon
A tree just got into the picture in this shot.

The flower of the day is one of the prolific poppies (and friend) which brighten our garden up at the moment.


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30 thoughts on “In training

  1. Your flowers are always beautiful! I was particularly ‘taken’ by the Nigella today. And seeing Matilda in such a good form is always enjoyable. I survived the 15-20C temperatures in Finland, quite refreshing actually.

    1. The cardoon is an artichoke I think which makes it a thistle so you are right. I have checked with those who know and the salvia is definitely a salvia (after more conversation that is a definite maybe).

      1. Thanks Tom. I’m still on holiday. It is very hot here in Cyprus. The ice cold beer, fans, shade, and sea breezes passing through the open-air La Boรฎte bar on the port side are all working hard at maintaining my comfort levels. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Good to see Matilda.
    Great flower pictures – good luck with your choice for the Canonbie Flower Show

  3. I don’t know how you do it, fitting a 20 mile ride in along with a little gardening, photography, and a visit to TWGSP. Matilda is as cute as always, and the flowers are beautiful, but I think that my favorite from today is the castle.

  4. ‘Yeah, we all shine on, like the moon, the stars and the sun’…. and Mrs T’s beautiful, beautiful flowers which are all in tip top condition- how does she do it?!

  5. Your late summer flowers are beautiful, and it is hard to pick a favorite. Matilda is growing fast. Won’t be long now until her first bike.

    Our flowers, except for mints and gladiolas (planted late from marked-down bulbs), have retreated with the heat. Both belladonna lilies bloomed this year and are providing a spot of pink among the brown at this time.

    I love the moon photos. Moon viewing has been good this month here as well, with clear night skies.

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