Any amount of rain to spare


My daughter has sent another clue as to her whereabouts for me to use as guest picture of the day. I take it that this is quite a well known building.


It was very windy when we woke up and this led me to make less good use of a dry morning than I should have done because by lunchtime it had started to rain and and once it had started, it didn’t stop.   The combination of heavy wind and rain made it a very good day to find something to do indoors.

I had left the fat balls out in the feeder over night and was very pleased to see some birds had noticed them in the morning.

blue tit
A blue tit weighing things up.
blue tits
Soon there were two or three young blue tits on the feeder.
great tit and blue tit
The arrival of a great tit caused two to go leaving one brave one behind.

I caught glimpses of the robin but not at a time when i had a camera to hand.

It was far too windy to be able to take good pictures of any flowers that weren’t completely sheltered so I will have to wait for a calmer day to get a shot of the nerine worthy of its elegant charm.

Blurry flower of the day!

I went out into the garden while it was still dry to do some dead heading (and eat raspberries off the bushes) and there was a lot of dead heading to do as the flowers are beginning to get  confused by the weather.   They must be a bit baffled as, if anything, the days have been getting warmer although they are getting shorter and the grey skies and rain have done nothing to depress the thermometer.

The rain gauge has been earning its keep.

wheelbarrow of rain
It will be much fuller by the time that I am writing this post.

I didn’t linger and was soon back inside.

I used my score reading software to scan and put several songs from the Langholm Sings programme onto the computer and then spent some useful time practising the songs with the computer providing the accompaniment and giving special emphasis to the tenor line.

Once again the Tour of Britain provided an enjoyable background to some pro relaxing in the afternoon but the forecast for tomorrow is looking promising so maybe I will be able to abandon the digital cycling for the real thing and get some good miles in.

In the evening, Mike and Alison Tinker came round and Alison and I had a very good time playing some favourite pieces in a manner which bore quite a marked resemblance to  the way that they were supposed to sound.   Outside, the wind and the rain were still very much in evidence as we played.

I found a nasturtium well tucked away from the wind so it is the flower of the day….


…but the flying birds of the day are too busy eating to take wing.

blue tit and great tit

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21 thoughts on “Any amount of rain to spare

  1. I went up that spiky thing in 1991. Hope to go up another one, or ar least see it, in the UK’s south coast in about a week’s time.

  2. Hope your daughter is having a wonderful time in our city – I won’t give it away! I’m afraid our nasturtiums have taken a beating with the hot and humid weather, yours look excellent.

  3. Good to see the blue and great tits enjoying themselves on your feeder again. Lovely colours with the nasturtiums and the tits- very complementary! Better weather to look forward to next week- thank goodness.

  4. A beautiful nasturtium, and good to see the birds at the feeders. The wind does make photography difficult!

    Birds have just started in on the remaining plums here. We finished the plum harvest in time, and will leave the ones way up top for the avian visitors. Any ripe grapes not under net are under attack from birds and bees of various sorts. The pinot is still behind the table grapes, so I may stand a chance yet. I am shooting for a batch of pinot noir vinegar as well as a test batch of wine this year.

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