Here and there

Rievaulx abbey

Today’s guest picture was taken by my brother on a trip to Yorkshire at the end of last month.  It shows Rievaulx Abbey.  I think that they have let the place go a bit.

Rievaulx abbey

I had a full day but without any great excitement as I didn’t get back home until ten o’clock, this will be a brief post, at least as far as worlds go.

I got up early and put in some useful time choosing and printing pictures to be entered into our Cattle Show at the end of the month.

It was another lovely day so when I had finished, I popped out into the garden to enjoy the flowers for a moment or two.

a shy poppy
A shy poppy lurking behind some taller ones.
The Fuchsia trying to prove that the full flowers are prettier than the unopened ones

And then it was time to drive to Carlisle where Mrs Tootlepedal was helping to prepare the music for our Carlisle Choir which starts soon.  I spent the time walking into the town centre to visit the mobile phone shop to get some advice.  I got some advice and walked back again, stopping to take a couple of pictures on my way.

Carlisle Guildhall
The top two floors of the old Guildhall
The Crown and Mitre Hotel
Two ladies watching over the guests at the The Crown and Mitre Hotel
Carlisle Cathedral
The unassuming side door to Carlisle Cathedral

When Mrs Tootlepedal had finished, we drove home and had lunch.  I had another moment to walk round the garden…

Three small dahlias
Golden Syllabub rose
Golden Syllabub rose making a late show after enjoying the recent warm weather

…and another to stare out of the kitchen window.

two sparrows
Two sparrows check each other out.
The back of a jackdaw
This one was a primary school headteacher in a former life.

….until it was time to drive to Lockerbie to catch the train to Edinburgh to visit Matilda.

We had fun in the garden picking raspberries and then sitting in the sun but all too soon it was time to catch the train again and then drive through the dark until we got home.

Dropscone has returned from his continental holiday so there may be a  chance of treacle scones tomorrow.

The flower of the day is a really zingy dahlia…


…and the flying bird is a distinctly fuzzy sparrow.




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Cyclist, retired teacher, curmudgeon, keen amateur photographer.

14 thoughts on “Here and there

  1. You packed a lot of terrific photos into a short post! I loved the images that you shot in Carlisle, and the flowers were stunning today. The light must have been close to perfect.

    I’m sure that you practiced the look that the jackdaw was giving you a time or two.

    I hope that the visit with Matilda was a good one.

  2. Interesting guest picture – another place to Wiki! Beautiful flower photos especially the fuchsia and dahlias- look like the 3 little maids – might have gone to the same school as that headteacher!

  3. The Fuchsia look like living Christmas tree ornaments. That is a beautiful photo of them!

    I’ve had at least one grade school teacher like the jackdaw. Good capture of the bird’s expression!

  4. I’ve missed your cheerful bird and flower pictures. It is so nice to know all is well in the home of the Tootlepedals. The fuchsias and poppies will continue to be favourites of mine – very different to each other, but very lovely in their own way. 🙂

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