Singing in the rain

corbiere lighthouse jersey

Today’s guest picture comes from my neighbour Gavin who is on holiday in Jersey.  This is the Corbiere lighthouse.

corbiere lighthouse jersey

As it was Sunday today, Mrs Tootlepedal went off to sing in the church choir and I made a lamb stew in the slow cooker.  There had been some sunny moments while I cooked so I was going to go for a cycle ride when I had finished  but it started to pour with rain so I rang up Sandy and invited him down for a cup of coffee instead.

Before I started the cooking, I had a quick excursion into the garden with a particular interest in seeing if I could find blackbirds eating rowan berries.  There were seven in the tree when I went out…

blackbirds in rowan
Some of them

…but they flew off when they saw me and I had to wait for some time for one to come back.

blackbird in rowan

I looked at flowers in the kitchen garden while I waited.


The blackbirds who came back did eat the berries but not in a convenient place for me….

blackbirds on rowan

…so I went back in to do the cooking.

While I cooked, I kept an eye on the bird feeder.


Sandy brought my pictures back from the agricultural show.  I had won a first and two thirds and he had won a first so we were both pleased.  A fellow member of our camera club had carried off the main prize, probably because she had taken more good pictures than us.  I had won the black and white class.  I don’t usually do well in black and white and on this occasion the winning picture (of a cow in a pond)  had only been taken in black and white by accident as I hadn’t checked the camera settings properly.  I am not sure what that proves.

While I was chatting to Sandy, I might have let my eye rudely stray to the feeder from time to time.

great tit bue tit coal tit
A great tit, a blue tit and a coal tit visited while we talked
robin and jackdaw
As well as other birds, great and small

When Sandy had gone, the rain stayed away enough to let me mow the middle lawn and look at some late roses.

september roses

The dahlias looked good in a brief sunny spell.


And I am always pleased to find a white poppy among the pinks and reds.

white poppy

I went back to the kitchen garden to wait for some blackbirds and whiled away a moment or two by looking at a splendid Michaelmas daisy which Mrs Tootlepedal acquired and is growing experimentally…

Michaelmas daisy

…but which at five to six feet tall my be too big for a flower bed.

The mint is looking very cheerful.


I became more cheerful too when some better placed blackbirds arrived.

blackbirds and rowan berries

The berries are going down very well.

blackbirds and rowan berries

After lunch, I mowed the front lawn and then we went off to Carlisle to sing with our community choir and once again it was a real pleasure to sit at the feet of Andrew, our effervescent conductor.  His energy seems to be never ending and it transfers to us so we give of our best.  It was good to be back.

When we got home, the slow cooked lamb stew was garnished with courgette fritters, courtesy of Mrs Tootlepedal, and this rounded of a day that was better than the showery weather deserved.

I have spent some time adding pictures and commentary to the brief phone post about our second day in Marseille and those interested can find the post here.

The flying bird of the day is one of the busy sparrows.

flying sparrow

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23 thoughts on “Singing in the rain

  1. That could be a hybrid rowan cultivar with better berries than our native trees but usually birds prefer the natives. But that doesn’t help explain why our birds don’t eat the native berries. Maybe they’re an exotic treat in Scotland.
    The roses and dahlias are a pleasure to see. I hope they’ll blossom for an extended period.

    1. Mrs Tootlepedal tells me that it is just a standard rowan. The trees have all had very good berry crops on them this year so there should be food for all.

  2. The white poppy is very beautiful. I enjoy seeing your garden, and love the way you frame the groups of photos. They are works of art.

    Nice action photos of the birds eating the rowan berries. And your mint looks more cheerful than mine. Mine are still complaining about the summer heat.

  3. Wonderful shots of the feeding blackbirds and congratulations on your first prize. I looked at your diary of our second day too, a great reminder of what we did.

  4. Fine picture of the blackbird with shadowy leaves.
    Glad to hear that you and Sandy both won first prizes.

  5. Congratulations on your first. prize. Hope your apple mint is well behaved- ours has crept everywhere! Love the photos of the tit ‘family’, the blackbirds and the berries especially the blackbird with the shadows on its back. Another prize winner maybe!

  6. A wonderful selection of bird and flower photos, as well as very amusing comments about the results of the photo competition. Good to have you back!

  7. Congratulations on the photograph prizes! I loved looking at the rowan berry- eating blackbirds. We only had a few berries on our young tree but I never got to see them fully ripe because the birds had them so quickly.

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