Not quite Marseille

Highland beach

Today’s guest picture comes from Dropscone who is on holiday with his daughter Susan in the very north of the Scottish mainland.  The weather hasn’t always been kind to them but there have been some brighter moments.

Highland beach

The weather here couldn’t have been in greater contrast to the serene blue skies of Marseille as the clouds were clamped down on the hills and wind and rain made staying inside the only sensible thing to do.

In the absence of the official baker, I made some drop scones and Sandy came round to help us eat them.  He had enjoyed last night’s concert too and we were a bit baffled about the poor attendance for such a good show.

When he left, I looked out of the window….

Robin in a bush
Robin in a bush
Robin on a bench
Robin on a bench

…put some of the newspaper index into the Archive Group database and took the opportunity to back up 45,000 photos from my laptop to an external hard drive.  I am hoping that this will enable my laptop to run a little faster.

Mrs Tootlepedal was busy tidying up a cupboard upstairs that contained many years of ancient and boring documents that needed throwing away.  She threw them away.

In this way we made the best of a bad day.

I did occasionally look out of the window again….

blue tit

…and even took advantage of a moment when the rain had stopped to go out into the garden to pick some apple windfalls and look at poppies.

Sometimes they blew towards me…
…and sometimes they didn’t

It was too wet and windy even to enjoy some dead heading.

The nicotiana by the wall of the house is thriving….


…and Mrs Tootlepedal likes to go out in the evening to enjoy the perfume.

I did contemplate putting on waterproofs and going for a walk but some heavy gusts persuaded me to go back inside.

The apples were stewed and went down well with some custard.

After tea, I went off to our local choir and we had a good practice of songs and a carol which we are going to sing in December at a concert given by our local amateur orchestra.  You might think it early to be thinking about carols but it seemed quite gloomy enough today to feel like winter even if it was reasonably warm.

A soggy rose with the promise of more to come (if it stops raining and blowing) is the flower of the day…


But it was far to dark to catch a flying bird.

I have filled out the post for our last half day in Marseille but it is rather dull as I forgot to take pictures for the most part but it can be found here for those interested.


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15 thoughts on “Not quite Marseille

  1. The weather that you’re having sounds exactly like the weather we’re having, and it’s all my fault. I just bought a new lens, and whenever I buy something good as far as photo gear, we set rainfall records here. And, it seems that the same patterns that control our weather also give you the same weather, sorry.

  2. The robin looks cheerful in spite of the weather. We are looking forward to some rain here. 50% chance today and 60% tomorrow, say the weather forecasters. Since the new rooftop solar arrays are now finally up and working, the rain comes just in time. 🙂

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