Not at my peak

Becks Burn

Today’s guest picture comes from my neighbour Liz and shows a delightful little cascade on the Becks Burn.  She must have been standing in the middle of the stream to get this shot on her phone.

Becks Burn

We had another dry day today as the Scandinavian High stood firm but the sun was nowhere to be seen and nor was I because after breakfast I went back to bed.  I was suffering from generic unspecified feebleness and spent the day, even after I had got up again, doing very little indeed.  I did have the energy for some intermittent moaning and groaning though.

I had perked up by the evening though so it might just have been a little old age.

In complete contrast to me, Mrs Tootlepedal was in fighting form and transplanted a large azalea, fetched manure from the manure mine and generally went around the garden like a whirlwind.

I dead headed the poppies.


Attila the Gardener was not short of helpful advice over the garden hedge but that is what neighbours are for.


Ken told us that he had been out for a cycle ride and this inspired me to take a little exercise myself so I took a picture of some feverfew in our garden…


…and went off for a short walk.  The afternoon was getting on though and the cloudy skies made for gloomy photographic conditions.

Bullock in field

The feeling was definitely autumnal and there were berries all around.




There were fungi too to be seen but only in dark corners of the wood so the pictures are rather dim.

Two small ones
And one the size of a football.

Thanks to the New Hampshire Gardener, I now know that if I see a pretty fern, it might be worth looking behind the scenes.


It is always a pleasure to look at the Auld Stane Brig as far as I am concerned.

Auld Stane Brig

There was just enough light to see a final flourish for the year from Special Grandma when I got back.

Sp[ecial Grandma

After tea, I walked up to the market Place to attend a meeting on plans for the development of the new Information Hub there.  It was very encouraging both for the number of volunteers who were present and for the enthusiasm of the owner and the manager of the premises to make a good job of using the place to offer visitors a real welcome to Langholm and locals a place to meet and find out what is going on in the town.

There were some excellent snacks as well.  Win win.

Sandy was at the meeting and kindly gave me a lift home.

No flying bird of the day today as my joints didn’t feel like holding up a heavy camera for any length of time but there is a flower of the day.





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28 thoughts on “Not at my peak

  1. I didn’t know what a blog was until I came across yours by accident, and I’m really enjoying it! It really is interesting.

  2. I am sorry you weren’t feeling well today; I hope you are better tomorrow. Are you taking Vitamin D supplements now winter is on its way? I like the autumnal photos of colourful leaves and berries and the fungi look interesting. Langholm must be a good place to live as it is full of people who care so much about it.

    1. As long as you are not young and looking for a job with prospects, Langholm is a pretty good place to live. Our businesses have been closing at an alarming rate over recent years.

      Vitamin D will come with the change in the clocks.

  3. Your fall colors are getting better by the day, much like ours.
    I think the big mushroom might be a hen of the woods (Grifola frondosa,) especially if it was growing near an oak.
    The fern is very pretty but I’m not sure of its name. I like its underside with all of its sori in neat rows.
    The flower of the day is a beautiful thing. It looks like a cross between a dahlia and a daisy, and I’ve never seen one like it.
    I hope that tomorrow brings more pep and vigor.

    1. We won’t get anything like your display of course but it is always exciting when we are waiting to see what colours will be provided.
      The fern was looking very sharp, I agree and i was interested to see that there wasn’t a standard number of sori on each leaf.

  4. Very sorry about tiredness and sore joints. Hope it is a temporary indisposition.
    Good news that the Hub meeting was a useful one.

  5. Sorry to hear of your sufferings, but very taken by the diagnosis of generic unspecified feebleness. Hope a slower day for a change has sharpened things up for you.

  6. Maybe it’s the changing seasons that your body is adapting too. Enjoyed seeing all your beautiful autumnal photos and your guest photo too.

  7. Sorry you were not feeling well, and wishing you a speedy recovery. I agree with New Hampshire, that mushroom looks like it could be a Hen of the Woods.

    The poppies and rose are beautiful, and the front and back of the fern make a lovely picture together.

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