Going the extra mile


Today’s guest picture comes from our older son Tony.  He was working on a street just below Edinburgh Castle and found a moment to enjoy the splendid view.


The Scandinavian high pressure system is holding firm and we had another beautiful day here.  I had contemplated going for a bike ride but it was quite breezy and for some inexplicable reason, I was a bit tired so I settled for a mile down to the Co-op and back on the slow bike, followed by a walk round the garden.

The garden was glowing in the sunshine with some flowers still flourishing well after their usual sell-by date.

Crown Princess Margareta

orange hawkweed

astrantia and euphorbia

There were bees and hoverflies buzzing vigorously about with the dahlias as a popular destination.

hoverfly and bee on dahlia

bee and dahlia

It was so nice out that I decided to go the extra mile and cycle round the Kilngreen and the Castleholm while Mrs Tootlepedal spread a little of her manure about the flower beds (she has all the fun).

The fortunate arrival of a family intent on feeding the ducks meant that there was no shortage of action on the Kilngreen.

There were black headed gulls flying high…

black headed gull

…and low….

black headed gull

…with mallards coming in….

mallards flying

…and herring gulls going out.

herring gull

I cycled on over the Sawmill Brig and saw that the estate had cut down the two diseased trees on the Lodge Walks.  The gap that this has left will affect everyone’s  favourite view up the Walks in autumn.

Lodge walks

The trees are beginning to turn…

Trees on castleholm

…but there are quite a few trees shedding leaves without changing colour at all and we are worried that autumn colour may be very short if there is a sharp frost.


I got home in time for a shower and a shave, a look out of the kitchen window…


…and a late lunch.

Then it wasn’t long before it was time to jump into the car and go off to Carlisle for our choir practice with the Carlisle Community Choir.

We are taking part in a concert in the cathedral quite soon and although we will sing some numbers that we used in competitions last year, our conductor is teaching us three new songs at high speed so we had a very hard working session.

Two new tenors arrived today which is a good thing. We are a small section at the best of times and we have lost a couple of members from last season and we were a bit short staffed to say the least.  The newcomers seemed to enjoy themselves though so we hope that they will be back next week.

The fine weather bathed our drive home in golden light and it will be a memory that we will have to cherish as in three weeks time, we will be driving home in the gloom.

The flower of the day is a poppy with a delicate white outline on its petals…


…and the flying bird of the day is one of the aerobatic black headed gulls.

black headed gull

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21 thoughts on “Going the extra mile

  1. I like the bee flying into the dahlia too, and the landing mallards.
    The flower of the day is another beautiful poppy. Mrs. T. certainly got her money’s worth in those.
    We must be living on borrowed time on both sides of the Atlantic as far as frost goes. We are about a month beyond our average first frost.

  2. These are a particularly lovely group of photos. And that bee shot! I’m envious. After your dearth of bees early in the season, they certainly came on strong, didn’t they?

  3. The birds put on quite a show for you. Beautiful photos, and excellent Flying Bird of the Day! I particularly like the incoming bee on the dark background. One can see the pollen baskets are full of bright orange pollen. The jackdaws look like they have the area covered in terms of surveillance. I don’t think much escapes their notice, including fresh fat balls in the feeders.

  4. I’m very surprised to see the garden looking so colourful still. I’m pleased you had such fine weather to keep the plants blooming. Your excellent flying bird shots also had me smiling. They are very detailed and sharp, Tom.

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