Contained admiration

Chew Valley Lake

Today’s guest picture comes from my Somerset correspondent, Venetia and shows the Chew Valley Lake, a large reservoir in north Somerset. She had an unexpected hour to fill in her schedule and found a good place to spend it.

Chew Valley Lake

Our Scandinavian high seems to have finally slipped away and we had a chilly, grey and sometimes very wet morning.  I found nothing useful or interesting to do with it.  There weren’t even many birds who thought that it was worthwhile visiting the feeder.

A lonely sparrow

After an early lunch, Mrs Tootlepedal and I set off in the car to visit our friend Sue who had invited us to the official opening of her garden container.  It has required a great deal of very hard work and ingenuity on Sue’s part to acquire the many bits needed to change a shipping container into a garden room that anyone would be pleased to sit in but she has done it…with the help of family and friends (and a good contractor from Langholm).

The container
Sue, Mrs Tootlepedal and Sue’s son Oliver pose for the offical picture.

We were the first to arrive as we had to leave early to get to our choir but there was soon a merry gathering enjoying the very tasty eats and drinks provided and marvelling at the transformation of a metal box into a most relaxing space.

We were sorry to go but with a concert coming, I couldn’t miss a choir practice.

The weather had changed completely from the wet and windy morning and I was able to take a picture of Talkin Tarn which we passed on our way to the party….

Talkin Tarn
The bad weather can be seen receding in the background.

…and a very colourful tree just outside the church where we meet to sing.

colourful tree at Trinity

For some reason neither our regular conductor nor our regular accompanist was available today but the stand-ins were more than up to the job and with the choir on its best behaviour, we had a very good session.

It was too gloomy in the morning for happy snaps and it was too dark for any photographs by the time that we got home so there are no flowers and no flying birds today but as we all agree that you can have too much of a good thing, perhaps it is all for the best.


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20 thoughts on “Contained admiration

  1. Thank you for using my photo. There were perhaps thousands of coots on the lake. I’m told that such a gathering is called a ‘raft’of coots.

  2. The colours in the Talkin Tarn shot are wonderful. I’ve sometimes wondered about using a shipping container for a small cottage in my garden here but as you’ve mentioned there is a lot of work involved. I must look into it more as it sounds like Sue’s garden room is quite lovely.

  3. Shipping containers seem to be catching on for conversion to useful spaces for people. When I was growing up there were a number of people using old railway boxcars as sheds and one man who built his house around one, which amazed me at the time.

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